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OklaMoniSeptember 30, 2012

Good morning all

It's Sunday today. I should look some more for my charger, from my bike headlight... but here I am at the computer.

Been sitting here for HOURS! Haven't even had breakfast yet, nor sorted my pills for next week in the pill box... nor made my bed, or anything.

But I have downloaded some pictures, and spent time looking at pinterest... and emailed, and will now get off this chair, cause my butt hurts, and I am VERY hungry.

Have a nice day everyone!!!


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Good morning! For once I am dressed within an hour of getting out of bed, and my bed is made. We take possession of our new house today, but here I sit on the computer. I better get moving. Still have to declutter the shed, as it is probably the last nice day we are going to have.

Have a good day everybody.

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Well, I did manage to get dressed....did not have a good night's sleep so read a lot. I will spend most of the day watching the rest of the Ryder Cup. It's a beautiful day here today. I hope it's beautiful for you, too wherever you are. Have a great day and accomplish more than I'm planning on.

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Drinking coffee, slept poorly last night and it's dark and gloomy here so I'll finish off the pot and then get started.

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It's only 8:15 here. I am getting ready to feed the cats and get our pills put together for the day. Today I am going to get the food organized in the motor home since we grocery shopped yesterday. Will also start getting things loaded as we leave on Friday.

Going to have company for dinner this evening so need to run the vacuum. It is going to be a good day. The sun is shining and we are to have temps in the high 70's.

Everyone have a great day!!

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Feels chilly here this morning even tho the sun is shining. Yesterday I found my little round Toastmaster electric waffle maker at the bottom of the pan cabinet. I should use this thing! So I cleaned it all up and set it out for this morning. Mixed up waffle batter, added blueberries, plugged the waffle maker in and anticipated a great breakfast. Well, it was a disaster. Now I know why I never used it. Even tho I sprayed it with oil, the very first waffle stuck - big time. I could hardly pick bits out with a fork. Said forget it. So I got the griddle out and made pancakes instead.

Later I had to turn the thermostat up while I read the paper and drank my coffee. brrr. When the grass dries up some I think I'll go out and mow today.

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schoolhouse, don't despair. Give the thing one more try, but lined it first with foil.

Clean up will be a snap. :)


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We had a very chilly morning 46 degrees. Its lovely out now, nice breeze, blue skies. I've been lazy watching turner classic movies! Happy Day!

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I peeled a big pot of potatoes to make cream of potato soup later and I have made 24 sandwiches, and now I have two pans of cookies in the oven. I have to find the cheese in the refrigerator and get it all sliced and ready to take to Amber and Mike's for supper this evening. I am also taking a big pot of chili soup I made yesterday and some macaroni salad. We are going to look at the pictures Cheryl and Kevin took on their trip to Tennessee.

It is a beautiful day here and right now it is 61 out. Lots could be done, but it isn't getting done. King Midas is in his counting house counting out his coins!

Sue in Central Indiana

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Moni, did you have rain last night? I'm in central OK., just outside OKC, and when I woke up there were puddles outside.

The humidity isn't as bad as it was yesterday, so I have all my windows open.

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Got up earlier than usual, met friend at her church for Sunday School. Skipped out on church service. Came home, undressed, crawled back in my unmade bed and slept for two hours.


Out for lunch and gonna done a return at Kohl's before the rain sets in.

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Yes, oakleyok it rained here. Haven't looked at the rain gauge yet. I did go for a nice long bike ride with a friend anyway. It was cool, wet, and great therapy.



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Schoolhouse, did you put oil in the waffle batter? My mom taught me that.

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