Ole joyful

ivamaeSeptember 11, 2012

Has anyone heard from him lately?

He has not been to church the last 2 Sundays. However he does attend ours and another one as well.

I emailed him and he didn't answer

I can't imagine that he has gone on holidays, as he has such a big garden to tend. I doubt that he would leave it.

I'm getting a bit concerned.

I have not been on this forum that much lately and maybe I have just missed his postings.

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Ivamae, he posted here the other day and he is busy in his garden. He was picking vegetables to take to church the next day (so it must've been a Saturday post). He seemed fine, just busy, busy. He also said something about going to visit his son, but not for a while I think.

It may have been Marilyn_Sue's post about what we're all doing on the weekend??

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I found the "Weekend Plans". It was posted by Satine, not Sue. Sorry Satine :-( I brought it to the top so you could read it.

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I seen his post the other day as well,Ivamae-my garden is keeping me hopping with the fall clean up time,so undoubtedly,he is pretty busy with his as well.

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As long as he is all right, that is all that matters. I know he had serious health issues a little more than a year ago and just was concerned that maybe he had some now. At least he will know that we are thinking about him and caring.

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I just got an email from him in answer to mine, and he is all right. That is good news!

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Thanks for keeping track of him. He's quite a guy.

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Thanks for letting us know he is ok! I'm missing his posts and wondered why he wasn't posting.

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Glad to know he's just busy! Ol' Joyful, we worry about you and miss you when you aren't here. Stay healthy!

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He'll likely post quickly the first day there is a heavy rain and he can't garden.

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I was later than usual two Sundays ago ...

and last Sunday, it rained on Saturday and I delayed going out to pick beans, not being enthused about feeling through wet bean plants ... then, after a couple of hours, when I went out, I'd been picking for about an hour and it started to rain again.

On Sunday morning ...

... I slept in ...

... so said, "The heck with it!".

I've taken the veggies to the food pantry on Monday for a couple of weeks, now.

A couple of charitable agencies tell me that they can give me charitable receipts for contributions in kind ... and the lady at Women's Community House said that they can only give receipts for "new" stuff (I imagine she means clothing, etc.).

I forebore asking her whether she thought that my veggies might have been regurgitated.

Attended the old guts' (so help me: that was supposed to have been "guys"!) coffee hour at Lambeth Church this morning - am there now, after having washed the coffee cups: they still need to go through the sanitizer.

Should be home staking tomatoes.

Hope you're all having a great day.

o j

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Cups ...

... are ...

... sanitized!

So ... now to put 'em into the drawers (not mine) and that's the whole story.

For another week.

My turn to bring cookies/cake/whatever for about 20 guys, next Thursday.

o j

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Ah, it's good to hear from you, OJ! You're a punny, punny fella, and a good one for going to all the effort (and it's plenty!) to pick and donate your extra veggies. Picking wet beans--yuk! I'm glad you have a fun group to visit with every week. :)

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What's a good descriptive word for picking beans (especially after about 3 hours of it) ... and without residual rain on the leaves?


o j

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I hear you on that one, OJ! To really get through all the plants took me about an hour, (they're pretty much finished now,) and yes, it was boring. It also makes my back hurt. :)

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