For Sharon FL: Chloe's room pics

Mickey15September 26, 2008

Here are pictures of Sharon_Fl's Grand-daughter Cloe's new princess room!

Sharon-this is so neat! She probably never wants to leave her little castle-room! I love the painted bricks on the wall, and I love, love, love the princesses you painted! You are amazing!

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That is the most amazing little Princess Room I've ever seen.

What a fantastic Job she did.

Chloe looks like a little Princess.


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Wow, what talent. You did a great job Sharon. I know your DGD will always remember the bedroom her gramma did for her.

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Fantastic job!! I think any little girl would love that room.

Have you thought of becoming a mural painter?

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FlamingO in AR

I think that little girl is the luckiest girl in the world with the prettiest room, ever! You did a great job, Sharon. The furniture is perfect and her bed reminds me of a throne. Love the crystal touches, too. Nice job!

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Oh my word! That is the most amazing room I have ever seen. Can I be a princess too? Or maybe I should be Queen... Can you come to my house next??

The mice in that second picture are just adorable!


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Wow, that is amazing and beautiful!

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Amazing!!! Bet pretty Chloe never wants to grow up!

Sharon, do ya wanna be my Grandma?

Donna (^_^)

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Linda Wayman

Sharon, I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. I am just oohing and aahing over that room. It is darling. What a fantastic job you did. Lucky little Chloe.


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Hi Sharon, the room is perfect and so is the little princess! You have an amazing talent. I wish you were my grammy! :)

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That's really amazing. You can see the love in the work that you did.

Oh, and I like the boa so Chloe must have inherited some of your talent.

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I've been waiting for pictures from Sharon. Wow--you really did a great job and Chloe is adorable. Thanks for showing your finished product.

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Here is the info Sharon posted for the pics on another post.

*the window murals-the faux stone is much prettier than it appears-I made them darker than the grout lines for contrast but used the same color as the grout along w/cream, pink & browns dry brushed.
* the feathers on the canopy? Chloe INSISTED they be put up there..not my choice nor permanent.

* I tried to capture the wall sconces & chandelier lit, but they are glaring, I know.

* the curtains better show- the fabric of the canopy.
* One end wall has her vanity table & bench that I refinished like her bed & hutch & 2 bulletin boards I made her also-

* the best pic? Her, with that smiling face, sitting in her 'kingdom'!!

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Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! You did such a wonderful job creating an unforgettable room for Chloe. Do you mind if I share your pictures with some friends?

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Barb-no of course I don't care if you send them along to someone. Thanks Tammy for all you did to post these for me and to all of you-thanks for your kind words!
I wish you could see the pic my son sent me last night of my little princess! Her 'regalness' was totally gone. The pic showed her with this big smile, blood all over her nose chin & face as she insisted on pulling out her front tooth! HA HA HA! My DIL is having a fit-this is Chloe's 1st year in school & next Monday they take school pictures. I told her not to stress-that in 15 yrs everyone will get a big laugh about it!!

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What a lucky little girl to have you for her Grammy!

Have you started planning her tween room?


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SUE!! NO MORE! This was my last hurrah..last year was the Hawaiian theme I did for her sweet DGS, Robbie. My 40 yr old brain says I could do this for the next 20 years, but my 64 yr old body said otherwise! LOL! I did take on 2 future jobs for next year but pretty much in a consulting position-the old gray mare just 'ain't what she used to be' and being on a ladder most of the days, did me in!

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That really is a castle! You did a great job; I can see that your dgd loves it.

Your son wasn't a swimmer/diver was he?

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Love, love, love it! When I was Chloe's age, I wanted a canopy bed.

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Man, that's fantastic!

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That is beautiful. You are amazing. That is the best girl's room I have ever seen!


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Just can tell that she loves it...

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Wow~~~talk about a labor of love!!! The thing that stands out to me most of all tho, is that Chloe will remember this until she is a grandmother herself. What a wonderful gift,
Sharon. And Chloe is a beautiful child!

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Wow! If my granddaughters saw that, they'd be so envious.

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Wow. Very nice. I usually don't care for theme rooms but this one is sure to make a little girl feel like a princess. It was executed beautifully.

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Again thanks. Dilly-I appreciate your comments. I didn't want to go over the top yet needed to keep it childish enough via the murals. The furniture which made the room, I trimmed in so little of the pink & lavendar, that if, when she's a teen-it could easily be replaced with a complimetary color. I stayed clear of all of that Princess stuff (the newer gals-the mermaid chick, etc) as they are not going to be legendary and around as long as Cinderella. made me cry. You said exactly the words that was my motive when I did this room from the beginning concept. I, to this day-remember a beautiful bride's gown my aunt made me for my doll when I was little..she passed away at a very early age from cancer in 1958. I can still see that gown & veil adorned with pearls in my mind and will always remember that. That is my wish for my beloved Chloe, as well. Thanks. I must add that my dear daughter-in-law & my son are the COOLEST of parents. They have for 2 years now-let me do what I wanted to 'create the dream' for both kids, in their rooms!!

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Sharon - Chloe is one very, very lucky princess to have a grandmother with such a big heart and such talent.

I would love to know how you made the bed canopy as my little princess would adore something like that adorning her bed!

Thanks for sharing the pics of all your hard work!

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She will remember the love her grandma put into the most beautiful bedroom she ever had. Grandmas just love their grandkids to death and will do whatever they are capable of doing for them out of love. You are one wonderful gram, better than I could ever do believe me. Thanks for sharing the room with all of us, we do appreciate seeing your lovely painting and decorating.

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Sharon, what wonderful work and memories for you and your Chloe. My only grand-daughter is 20mths old and her Mum and I have big plans for when they build their new home, hopefully next year. I would love to save these pictures in my inspiration file. Beth

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Amazing room! Are you for hire??? There is a big girl in me that would love my room done too!


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Amazing!! Beautiful!!

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I'm blown away. A fairy tale!


Here is a link that might be useful: Many Shades of Shabby by Devonia

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Gardenergwen.. To make the canopy-measure the width you want the canopy to cover-mine was 6'-the length of the bed instead of the width of the twin bed,as the bed was set lengthways along the wall. I painted 2 of those fancy wall rod holders (Lordy-I cannot think of their name this minute) in 14K liquid gold, then placed them IN 3 inches off EACH end of the 6' measurement. Bought (2) 6' rods that were 1" in diameter,with ball finials in white.
I marked OUT FROM THE WALL, on the ceiling-the width of her twin bed & placed a mark in line with the rod holder on the wall. Used ceiling molly screws as no stud was where I needed them. Then I used ring screws into the mollys. Same mollys on the outer marks but added hook screws into them. Used gold chain link so it measured 12" higher than the wall rod holders were placed. Then, using pliers-open the bottom link of the chain a bit & insert the other rod, then close it tightly.
After threading the curtain on the back wall rod, your canopy should not only scoop but be higher towards the ceiling in the front than it is against the wall brackets.
For the fabric.double the measurement of the length of your canopy (mine was 66", so that made 132" wide so it has nice gathers in it. Natch 2 panels of this had to be sewed together to get the 66", as the fabric was only 45" wide. Allow an inch hem for the 'sides' that go from the wall out to edge of the bed. Now-I only had enough material with me, to make a valance that dropped down from the wall rod, about 10". The front valance had a drop of 12". Just make sure you make a rod pocket IN FROM EACH END..the lenth you want your drops-both against the wall & the outer end. ---I.....I--- Kinda like this weird diagram! LOL! As for yardage.. allow for 1" hems on ALL 4 sides and (2) rod pockets 2" wide and (2) 10" or 12" drop (or whatever), valances:
Width you want canopy...(end to end)
depth of canopy (front to back)

WHEW! Hope that helps!


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