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JoAnn_FlaSeptember 30, 2012

I know there are many pc wizards here so.....

why is my computer freezing up all the time? The arrow turns into a big "I" and wont move. any suggestions?

I run a scan daily & whenever it happens but I have to shut down to get going again. Its getting very old, and I have a new pc! Thanks

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When a program window stops responding, you can usually stop it by clicking the X-shaped close button at the top left of the window. That will generally result in a dialog box saying that the program is not responding (but you already knew that) and presenting you with the option to kill the program or to continue to wait for it to respond.

Sometimes this does not work as expected. If you can't close a window by normal means, you can hit Alt + F2, type xkill, and hit enter. Your mouse cursor will then turn into an X. Hover over the offending window and left-click to kill it. Right clicking will cancel and return your mouse to normal

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Thanks I'll try it

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

The main reasons for this are the pc doesn't have enough RAM memory to handle the tasks.
The pc needs to have the case opened and clean out the dust, dust build up leads to heat build up which can cause serious problems and kill the machine.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Have you done a disk clean-up and defrag recently?

What Operating System are you using?

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