Does Ann Romney have MS????

enjoyingspringSeptember 22, 2012

I think I heard this somewhere, just curious as I don't see any outward symptoms. My nephews wife who is 35 has MS and she definetly has outward signs of it, she shakes, drops things and has to use a cane. She also gets tired very quickly..

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Here is a link that might be useful: Wikipedia Article

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MS is a complex illness and its effects vary from one person to another.
I have a cousin that was diagnosed with MS almost 30 years ago, she's now wheelchair bound.
I have a friend who was diagnosed about the same time, and she has to use a cane occasionally. Her disease isn't as aggressive.

There's so much unknown about MS. Hopefully, Mrs. Romney can bring more attention to the disease and get more research.

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Your nephew's wife--and anyone else with an interest in MS--should watch Dr. Terry Wahl's excellent video about her recovery from this debilitating disease. She had been in very bad shape before she used her knowledge of the human body and its cells, etc., to turn it around.

The video is not short, but well worth watching.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dr. Terry Wahl's video from TED Talks

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Why would you question this?

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Monica, I didn't read that the OP was questioning it, just that she stated her experience with other MS patients.

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Monica, didn't seem like she was 'questioning' anything. She simply asked a legitimate question. And even if she was, so what. What's wrong with being curious? YOU were curious why she asked. What's the difference?

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There are others who didn't know that she has MS. The Romney's have been very open and upfront about the fact that she does have it. Mrs. Romney hasn't been out and about much lately and so maybe is suffering from some tiredness issues which are a big part of MS.

There are as many ways of exhibiting the signs of MS as there are sufferers of MS. My cousin who is now 48 was diagnosed when she was 28 but still doesn't use a cane or wheelchair. While a neighbour of mine who is now 60 was diagnosed when she was in her early 50's is almost wheelchair dependent.

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FlamingO in AR

The lady who cuts my hair has MS, she stands all day and exhibits no outward signs. Says she drops things a lot, but never around me, of course I only see her for 45 minutes every 5 weeks or so.... My lady can't take most of the meds, either, they don't agree with her body. Perhaps Ann Romney better tolerates the drugs.

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I didn't know she had MS. Sorry to hear it.

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I have MS and was only recently diagnosed. My hands to shake at times and I also fall. I fell 6 months ago (my leg goes numb) and I broke my ankle in three places. However, no one would know that I have MS unless I told them. I'm able to cover up a lot of the signs.

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Thanks for all the information, I always just assumed that everyone with MS has the shakes and drops things and needed aides in walking.

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Michelle Obama's father had MS. Mitt once talked about Ann's symptoms. She had a hard time packing up and moving their household recently. Apparently she has MS fatigue, which I know can be terrible. Hope she has relapsing-remitting form of MS and goes into a long remission.

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