greg and I celebrated 30 years Sept 17

catlady15September 18, 2012

I can not believe we have been married 30 years yesterday .We went out for breakfast,than seafood lunch and than we went with Ashley and Travis and Jason to the fair.We had a great great day.TRavis loved the lights.He loved everything.I got a new camera,and we are buying a new washing machine.We been needing one for awhile.Thanks for sharing our day.Greg loves Travis so much,He calls Greg pop-pop[not how to spell that.maybe everyone can get to what I am trying to spell.huga Judy

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Glad you had such a lovely day, Judy.

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Happy Belated Anniversary! Glad your day was special.


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Happy Anniversary Greg and Judy! I hope you are doing well Judy and I am sure that little guy is bringing so much joy to your lives.


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Thanks for the message about how joyfully you celebrated your thirtieth - can we celebrate a bit, along with you, even though somewhat belatedly?

Good wishes for an outstanding year ahead, also.

ole joyful

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Hi, Judy, glad to see you posting!

Sounds like you had a very special, wonderful celebration. Many Congratulations!

How about using that new camera to make some pictures of all of you? I'd love to see Travis especially. I have always liked that name, too.


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Congratulations, Judy. sounds like a great day was had by all!

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Sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary. Harry and I had our 30th last November. Time sure flies, doesn't it. Our oldest GS named Harry Pop-Pop when he was a little one and all the kids still call him that even though most of them are adults.

Hope you have 30 more happy years together.

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Happy anniversary Judy and Greg!! Nice to see you back, and best wishes to all your family. :)

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