Heated mattress pad on top of memory foam?

alisandeSeptember 18, 2012

I love to use an electric mattress pad that lets me get into my pre-heated bed in winter. But this summer, after I removed the mattress pad I added two inches of memory foam, including a layer of blue "cool fusion" (whatever that is) on top. Knowing how memory foam reacts to heat, I'm wary of putting the mattress pad back on and heating it up. What do you think?

The thought of removing and storing a queen-size 2" foam mattress topper is a little daunting....

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We've used our heated mattress pad on our memory foam topper and now our memory foam mattress for years. No problems.

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That's what I was hoping to hear, Chloe--thanks!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Found this from their FAQ at the link below.

  1. Can you use an electric blanket or heating pad with these mattresses?

You can use an electric blanket/heating pad with your mattress, yes. However, you should remember that memory foam reacts to heat and pressure, so if the heating pad is placed directly onto the mattress (i.e. under your back), the memory foam will react to the heat of your electric pad, not your body. This can disrupt the memory foam's ability to conform to your exact shape. A heating pad will not cause permanent damage to the memory foam. If you decide to use a heating pad, we recommend placing it over top of your body, rather than underneath, so there isn't as much direct contact with the mattress.

Here is a link that might be useful: FAQ memory Foam

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I have a friend who nearly paralyzed herself by falling asleep in bed on an elec heating pad, so be careful. I have a heating pad that you put in the microwave which would be safe. I guess I am overly cautious about fires, I would never have memory foam in my home, especially on my bed. It is highly explosive so I certainly would not use a heating pad or an elec blanket with it.

Instructions should have come with your memory foam product.

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Gee, Emma, I thought I was cautious! LOL

Memory foam mattresses are sold by the zillion, and I haven't heard any reports of explosions yet. Of course, that doesn't mean none have taken place. But I put one inch of memory foam topped by one inch of latex foam on my bed six years ago, without incident. I added the additional 2" of memory foam after I began to develop additional joint pain. ;-)

I don't think it's possible to paralyze myself on my mattress pad. I've been using it for years. I almost always turn it off before I fall asleep, but if I left it on Low it would turn itself off automatically later.

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An electric mattress pad is different than a heating pad in my opinion. I use my electric mattress pad over my memory foam pad every winter, no problems. I also use my heating pad when I have bad aches and pains.


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An electric mattress pad is definitely different than a heating pad.

Explosive memory foam? Seriously? Off to Google.

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I've exhausted all the search terms I can think of regarding exploding memory foam mattresses. The only thing I found was that the "dust" of the memory foam is highly combustible - but this dust is only released during the manufacturing process.

All mattresses are treated with flame retardant chemicals, BTW, including memory foam ones.

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Good work, Chloecat.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Memory foam mattresses ARE very combustible. Anything made of polyurethane is bound to be. Should one be in your home, the fumes can be deadly in the event of a fire. Fire retardant chemicals can emit toxic fumes, but that's the case with any mattress or furniture.

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I got that information from our local newspaper and the fire department after a home fire where it happened. It was on their daughter's bed and I guess some of you would have had to see the bedroom to believe it exploded. It was a warning for people who have it in their home. They showed a demo tape of what can happen, and it was an explosion and it was a product not just dust.

The electric mattress pad may not get as hot as a heating pad and they may make them safer than they used to.

You can use it or not

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I found this on first click. Second click I found dangers of breathing it. Third click I found warnings about smoking in bed and sparks around MF.

Here is a link that might be useful: Memory foam

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I tend to be overly cautious too but I'll risk explosion any day for my glorious memory foam! I have two stacked on top of each other on my bed. LOL. I figure if there's a fire ON my bed while I'm it, I'll probably be a goner anyway.

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Smoking in bed? Seriously - who does that? Even when I smoked, I never smoked in bed. That's just dumb.

I think avoiding memory foam because it's flammable is akin to wrapping oneself in cotton wool. Do you have NOTHING in your home that's flammable? Do you keep only dull knives? I'm assuming, too, that you wouldn't even THINK of having a stove/oven/water heater/furnace/coffee pot/microwave/toaster - they can all catch fire too. :)

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As a matter of fact, both my dishwasher and dryer have caught fire. This was years ago, but I learned my lesson and never leave either of these appliances running if I'm asleep or out of the house. Wouldn't want to be without them, though.

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Yes there are other fire hazards in our homes. We have to have stoves, furnaces, hot water heaters, etc.. We can not get along without them. A memory foam mattress is a choice we make for comfort. I am sorry I didn't mean to stir up a controversy here, I just thought you all should know about it.

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Emma, I don't know where you get your info, but as a firefighter I can tell, they are not "explosive". They can smolder and emit fumes which are hazardous but they aren't like a propane tank which because of the flammable gas being trapped could explode on non vented bottles. Another Urban Myth. The heat required to ignite a mattress would be higher than a properly working mattress or heating pad would get. The reason the mfg say not to use them is due to the foam is supposed to form to your body based on your body temp. A heating device would make the mattress softer and would be contraindicated to the whole point of using a foam mattress.

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Thanks, Tito! Welcome to the Kitchen Table.

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