Prescription refill question

angelaidSeptember 8, 2013

It's 12:30 a.m. here, so can't call the pharmacy. DH got up and went to use his inhaler and it's about out. I was looking at the refill info and it says "Refill 1 of 15 before 02-15-2014" What does that mean? He can refill 15 times before February? Doesn't make sense. But, then, obviously, neither of us is getting any sleep tonight, so I'm kind of groggy.

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Yes,that's what it means.

What's bad is when you have a refill or more left until 09/01/13 and it is 09/02/13. Oops.....shoulda filled it a day sooner. It's happened more than once to me. I always know if there is a refill available but.I forget to look at that UNTIL part.

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Thank you redcurls. Makes more sense, now that I'm wide awake. It says take 2 puffs every four hours daily. They probably gave him refills they thought would be good for a few months or so. He only uses it when he needs it, so it's been about 6 months on one inhaler. Every few weeks, not every few hours.

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Redcurls, when I get a refill of my thyroid Rx and see that I'm nearing my end of refills, I put a note on my calendar several days in advance of my final availability date. I hate to miss one, but I've done what you described and missed it by a day or so! To go in to the doctor for the standard thyroid tests costs $400 - $500 and it's not covered by insurance, so I don't want to miss a single time. Now that I put it on my calendar, I haven't messed up.

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Look for a pharmacy in your area that is open 24/7. Some CVS's are.
Alternative is to use a pharmacy that has internet access on their web page, so you can just pick it up in the morning.

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Most chains have a 24 hour phone number can plug in your script number and have it waiting for you the next day, or even later in the day..

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our pharmacy has auto refill and refill when you have 5 days pills left? (same for inhalors) dh's dr is fussy and does have him get bloodwork every quarter so no auto refill from the dr...(target pharmacy)

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Even though there are allowed refills, most pharmacies (at least in California) will not refill if it's been more than 6 months since you last filled it.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I would think that Angelaid should always have an extra inhaler on hand at all times. Refill the prescription far ahead of when you need it.

My medications labels say "3 (or whatever number) refills before
11/17/13......telling me how many refills I have left.

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A prescription where I live in Canada is good for 12 months at the pharmacy - so in the case of my husband's eye drops that he gets refilled monthly, the prescription only covers 12 months with 12 refills. Then a new script is required. I always make sure to refill as soon as allowed - depends on the type of prescription - most allow only 3 months' worth at a time - but since his eye drops must be refilled monthly - only one at a time. I tried to get 2 to avoid the double dispensary fee but that didn't work. I do have an "emergency" sinus infection script at the pharmacy just in case - and if necessary I will refill it as the year is about to end because Murphy's Law being what it is my doctor will be away or it will be the weekend when I get sick. My fabulous doctor runs a sole and closed practice and it takes about 3 hours to get through - if lucky - I just keep hitting redial - so not a chance I would ask the pharmacy to call her. And these days she prefers to write scripts - that way no misunderstanding of what she has prescribed. I agree your husband should always have a back-up inhaler on hand. I worked for a woman with asthma and I know how bad it can be.

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Ditto angel and rhizo, as an asthma sufferer. I ran out of the one I use daily and I had to go many more days than I should've (mail order, but it was late on Friday when I realized and so it was at least four extra days). Better safe than sorry with asthma. I even refilled the rescue inhaler I NEVER use. Never. And I got all new ones. I also got all new epi pens. Yay! I made it another year without needing them. I am not worried about "throwing money away" even though I am excruciatingly poor. I'd rather not risk my breathing at all. Compromised breathing is bad news. I thought I was ok until I got the new inhaler, but when I took my first puff I said, you big dummy! You were much worse than you thought. Never doing that one again. Whew. I'd also not risk running out of diabetes or heart meds. I'm not as worried about arthritis or allergies as you can sort of get OTC stuff for that, for instance. But my asthma meds, never ever again, will I run out.

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