"Hell On Wheels"... anyone?

dbfirewifeSeptember 17, 2013

Has anyone here been watching the "Hell On Wheels" series?...It is post Civil War and is about the building of the rail road and is into season 3 now, I believe episode 8 will be on Saturday nite...It is on AMC channel, comes on at either 8 or 9 depending on where you live. The main star is Anson Mount, I think he is just handsome as all get out!... I say he puts the giddy in my up....If you have Netflix you can watch all of Season 1 and Season 2 episodes. If you start watching it on Netflix it would catch you up to where they are now and after you watch a couple of them you would be hooked....On AMC website you can watch the 2 hour special for the first one of Season 3 and they will have other ones following soon so their web sites says. Anson Mount's mother, in real life is former Golf pro Nancy Smith.

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Thanks, I'll try that one. I have never heard of it but it sounds good. Netflix streaming is great, and I know there is "good stuff" there but sometimes have trouble finding it.

Last night I watched a movie called "Into the White" which was pretty good.

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We saw it on the guide the other night and DVR'ed it, but haven't watched it yet.

I was surprised to see it was episode 32 or so - we had never even heard of it before.

Our internet won't work for Netflix - such a bummer!

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I LOOVE this show! It is so well scripted, acted, cinemetograghied. I just get so immersed in it. Anson Mount is certainly eye candy, but he IS Cullen Bohannon. He plays the character so well. . .. I'd read that he was in the running to be the new Batman, but it's going to be Ben Affleck. Uh, we'll see how that works out. He would have been a wonderful Batman, following Christian Bale. Anson is a terrific actor, he does soo much with his facial expressions that it doesn't even matter what the script is.

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Bohanon looks like he needs a good bathing. The series is a good one though. But not for everyone as is most violent series out there.

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We watched the first season and really enjoyed it. Couldn't get the second season because of contract disputes between AMC and DishNetwork. We didn't tape this season because we missed the second season, but we now have Netflix, so we will be able to watch it that way.

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Excellent program. We've been fans since episode 1 of season 1.

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