Big Brother

lily316September 20, 2012

For once my favorite player won. I rooted for him all season. I really don't like Dan. There is playing the game and then there is downright nastiness. You could see Danielle was really mad ,and yet she voted for him...his only vote.

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I was rooting for Ian all along too. So happy that he won and it was well deserved.

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I too am thrilled that Ian won. I wish Danielle would not have given the vote to Dan, she is loyal to a fault. Her facial expressions were priceless whenever she got played by Dan.

Part of me understands why Dan approached the game as he did, but he went to far.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have been wanting Ian to win also and so glad he did.
But I have to give Dan huge applause he played one of the top games ever on big brother. Just as Jannel said he should go down as one of the very very top game players, he is a genius at game play and people play. Sure he had to lie and stab people that is what the game is, they know that going in. When he saw it was his only chance at getting to the end he played the game he had to play.
I think he had an agreement with Danielle to give her some of his money if she voted for him in the jury if she did not go to the end with him. I think that is why she said what she did about the promise to vote and keep her word.

At any rate it was one of the best seasons of Big Brother for sure.

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If Dan did have a deal with Danielle, I hope it was in writing. I would not want Dan teaching my kids. He was almost if he desperately needed the money. He won before and has a good salary as a teacher/coach. I loved Ian from the beginning. Smart sweet kid.

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