have you frozen rhubarb?

kacramAugust 1, 2012

Can I just cut it and freeze it? Do I need to blanch it?


I'll go look around, but y'all know so much! lol

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I've usually frozen cooked, sweetened rhubarb.

But I have blanched pieces for 30-60 seconds, drained, ice-bath-shocked, blotted dry, and frozen in a single layer on a sheet pan. I then divvy up into freezer bags in the portion sizes I use.

DH approves the method and says he can't tell the difference from freshly cooked. I don't like rhubarb, so I defer to his tastebuds, LOL.

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I have frozen rhubarb and never blanched it. I just cut them into pieces and put them into baggies - usually 4 cups to a bag since that is what most pie recipes call for. Same for blueberries - into the freezer unwashed - 4 cups to a bag.

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I do the same as cherryfizz: just cut in small pieces and freeze in zip lock type bags. I usually just use mine for pies, but most things you would use it in would be cooked, so should be fine.

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Same here - I wash, cut into one inch or so pieces, freeze in a zip lock or vac seal, in the amount I would use it for my rhubarb dessert that everyone loves :) Measured and ready for me out of season.

No blanching, doesn't need it. I've used rhubarb frozen for as long as 18 months (did I mention dating the packages) and no one can tell the difference when baked into a product.
Manual defrost upright freezer, it wouldn't keep that long in my self defrosting refrigerator/freezer.

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I do the exact same thing as Cherryfizz - it's so easy!!

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I do it the same way and have for years. For work we put it in gallon zip lock bags. I pour as much as I need into a pie shell and put the rest of it back in the freezer. I get compliments on my rhubarb pie all of the time. No Blanching. I had never heard of this before but my DF told me they always peeled it. Not me

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WEll, thank you ladies!
I have always peeled it too. Seemed like a waste.
I looked at a few cooking websites and most of
them said to not bother peeling it. And the pie
was GREAT! lol I've never made a rhubarb pie, just
crisps. The pie was great!

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Looks like you got good answers, Kat - and they all agree (for a change?).

ole joyful

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I've always frozen rhubarb as well, just like the others.
I haven't tried making a pie or crisp with it......I thought it might be too watery. Now that I know you can bake with frozen rhubarb I sure will in the future!!

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