Need rain and thunderstomrs, come to AL

glenda_alAugust 10, 2012

Daily for the past few days and they have been fierce.

Last one just passed. We've had 3 big ones today, yesterday, etc.

We are saturated and humid to boot.

Well, the ground needed it badly!

Come on down!

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DD and her MILs family are in Destin, Fl for the week: 6 adults and 4 little preschooler boys in one condo. She called yesterday to report that monsoonal rains were keeping them indoors for the day. She brought some toys and her MIL brought some from home. We hope they are all keeping busy. DD brought puddle jumpers for each of the boys, and the menfolk and the boys like sailing them across the communal living room. She also brought a deck of cards so that her oldest who is ready to teach War and Go Fish to cousins, Granddad, aunt and uncle too will keep them occupied. I think she will be exhausted and happy to bring her brood home to their beds.

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