Favorite iPad apps thread

jae_tn2August 24, 2013

I remember a thread about sharing iPad apps that everyone enjoyed and I can't find it. Does anyone remember how to locate it or, could we maybe start another one? Thanks!

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My favorite hands down is the Kindle App, I am so surprised that it is so much easier to use than the Kindle!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I am not sure if it was specifically labeled ipad apps because I remember there were also android apps listed, but I did some searches here and didn't see it show up. I do remember that post though and it wasn't that long ago.
I have some favorites but all for android sorry, although some do overlap like the Kindle app which is one of my favorites too.

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I just wrote a list and lost it so starting again.

For book readers, I like iBooks for epub files. I love the fact that you can make collections of genres or authors and organiize them on their own bookshelves which is visually pleasing. Marvin is another one I use and has easy features such as easy sharing of books, changing covers, seeing the metadata or description of many books.

Word games I like best are Bookworm and Chickionary.
Gardenscape is a fun Hidden Object game.
Pinball HD and Tristan are good pinball games.
Coin Pirates and the Coin Dozer games are fun time waster coin push games that I love.
My favourite puzzle games are the Fishdom ones and Sunny Seeds 2

IZip Pro or iZip if you want a free one are good for unzipping files.

Yellow pages is a great phone book app for Canadians.

Awesome notes and abc Notes, I use frequently. Sticky Notes is fun also.

WebtoPDF is great for turning web pages into PDF files.

Hope this helps.

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I like Apps Gone Free where they show apps you can try, I've kept many of the free ones for my 2 year old GD very educational for her to play with.

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Jigsaw Box is also a good jigsaw puzzle game.

Many of those I suggested are free. You can upgrade some of them if you choose.

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Thanks to all! I know some android and iPad apps work on either so it's nice to know some of those. heather_ont, great list and I will look at those.
A fun one that I love that works for both platforms is Wordcollapse. The android version seems to have more subjects whereas the iPad shows you the words as you find them which is helpful in finding the order in which you need to complete the puzzle. May sound confusing but if you try it you will see what I mean. Others are: 4picsoneword, true or false, drawsome (2 player), 7 .words, moxie, and unblock me.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I love word games too, I play Drop Words a lot on my tablets and it has an ipad version too. For android it's in the Google play store free. Here's the link below for ipad.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dropwords

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For those of you who are interested in cancer related articles. The Cure magazine is a magazine with extremely good articles which are very informative. As a nurse and a two time survivor, I have read these magazines for years in print and online. Yes, there is an app for them. They are free. They explain everything in detail for those that are not medically inclined as well.

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Toni S

My dh and I have always done most of our house renovations. He'll give me some room dimensions or tell me what elements will work with the walls and what won't. Ex. pocket doors, solid wood floors, venting, load bearing. He can build a great solid structure with the best of them but details past that are mine and I'm not very creative. Helping me get a few ideas is a app/website called Houzz.com. I have my own ideabook and can look at others ideabooks. Kinda like pinterest for house design/decor. Right now we are adding on a two stall garage and expanding the mudroom and laundry room. Houzz.com has so many good ideas its addictive. I'd say at this point, its my favorite I pad app.

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Thanks Toni. I downloaded that houzz app and love it!

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I like yelp.

The kindle ap is good too, even tho' the ipad is a little heavy for reading, I can just take it when traveling.

I have the cable co. ap so I can watch tv on it at home. Netflix ap can watch movies.

I'm going to look at some of the word games mentioned above. The ipad is so handy.

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Thanks again! I have downloaded some of them and look forward to playing and using them!

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Sally Brownlee

I use the ShopSavvy app on my iphone a lot.
If I am making a purchase...say $50 or more, I scan the barcode to see price comparisons in the local area or online.

It comes in especially handy if the store you are in price matches.

Also frequently used...
Watch ABC

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I just checked to see if springpad was available for all platforms and it is! I use it all the time I have it on my phone, tablets and pc all synced together. It is so easy to save something I might want to look at later or make a note about something. Check it out I bet you can find a use for it too. Super easy to use.

I have used Imageshack for years and years for storing my pics online and using the codes to post them to forums etc. they make apps for apple and android which are great you can send your pics right from your phone or tablet etc to your imageshack account and lots more. I use it all the time. these are some of them check there may be more. Of course you would need an imageshack account which is free, I have had mine for years and have never had problems with it like I have with photobucket!
SkyPath by Imageshack Corp
that is for apple
ImageshackDroid android version
Skypath For Android another android option with skypath
I have been using the imageshackdroid one but I will try the skypath one now to see which I like better.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Has anyone tried songza? I am thinking of trying it. I like the idea of what it does. You pick your activity/mood etc and it will play music that would match. Here is the link to the android version I bet there is one for ipad too, Totally free listening.
Working? Relaxing? At the gym? Songza plays you the right music at the right time.

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Flipboard - I use it every day! It's a magazine app that let's you read news, magazines, and social media sites.

The Room - great, beautiful puzzle game

Flow - another addicting game

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7 little words
It's a great word game, they give you seven descriptions and you have to combine groups of letters to make the answer, gets the brain working.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX
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