My girl dog won't leave my boy dog alone

amyfiddlerAugust 9, 2012

Both dogs are "fixed." The female is a Lhasa Apso (sp) and my boy dog is a very tall Boxer. The female will not leave the poor male alone lately! Poor Boxer can't leave his tail end exposed anywhere without her coming around and you know whatting on his hind legs. Its getting really irritating -

Not knowing squat about dogs, I'm no can I discourage this?

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If they are both fixed, it's not hormone driven. It's a dominance thing, she wants him to know who's boss. You can correct the behavior by keep a leash on her when you're around,a nd keeping her close to you. But the behavior is sport/play/dominance behavior. Doesn't hurt anything.

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OK that makes sense. I didn't figure it was hurting anything, but I can see that my Boxer is annoyed, and for whatever reason it irritates me. I just want to scream, "Have some self respect you desperate little dog" . Ha ha - I just feel sorry for my boxer who can't get a decent break from her.

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Amy, I have a male Border Collie and a female Chi - both have been neutered. The Chi started pestering/humping my B.C. every time he would lay down, so I got out the spray bottle filled with water.

Every time I caught her bugging him in that manner, I sprayed her. It didn't take long for her to learn to leave him alone. Yes, it's annoying to the other dog and people who see it - problem solved with the use of the spray bottle.

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I didn't know females hump, I thought just males did.

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I always have corrected this behavior in dogs I have owned and they eventually stopped, with perhaps an isolated incident now and then. All I had to do then was speak harshly. I am the dominant one in this household not them.

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When I babysit my granddog he constantly humps my lab. Both are males and neutered. I agree with the others about it being a dominance issue. Grandpup is a little dog weighing about 20lbs, my lab is 90 lbs. Makes for an interesting sight to say the least. My lab could care less.

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Do watch your boxer that he does not turn and either hurt the other dog or someone around at that time.

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But what makes the dog do that to a toy, furniture or other inanimate object? My aunt's Yorkie does this to his blanket sometimes. She thinks it funny, I think it's disgusting! ugh. I'm not all that convinced it's always a dominance thing.

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It's not just dogs with the blankets! I have a cat who sucks and kneads the blanket and then starts humping it sometimes. He was abandoned when only a few weeks old and had to be hand-fed so I always assumed the sucking/kneading was a nursing thing but I don't know where the humping comes from! Poor thing has his signals confused, haha.

My other two just knead things occasionally but that's it. All are neutered.

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Can you imagine if humans did this???? The office place would be a dominance madhouse.

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LMAO! oops, maybe I should make that just LOL.

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Well, the office place IS a dominance madhouse at times! Humans just show it in different ways, more "civilized" than smelling each others behinds (as my cats do!)

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No, in the office setting, you see blatant butt-kissing - Ewwwwww!

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