Oh My Gosh - Clint

suziequeAugust 30, 2012

I just googled it and found out that Clint Eastwood is 82 years old - oh my. I've adored Clint for years and years, and really didn't realize that he had reached that wonderfully ripe age.

A legend, for sure. You go, Clint!

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In compliance with board rules about politics I'll just say he was a delight and very charming and a good representative of those in his age group

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Minnie, I didn't say anything about politics and didn't expect you or anyone else to. I commented on Clint Eastwood, the actor, and my surprise at his advanced age. That's all.

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I remember him when he played Rowdy Yates in Wagon Train. So now you know I'm no spring chicken. I have always loved him, in fact I saw Gran Torino not long ago and I am going to rewatch Million Dollar Baby soon. I didn't realize he was a comedian until tonight.

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It was sad to see him - he has really aged. He looks old and sounds old. What a wonderful actor and good person.

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Didn't watch, but I heard there was a surprise speaker at the convention.

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Dena, his wife, is in her 40's and she doesn't consider him too old - guess he suits her just fine! Eastwood and Company had him on a couple of months ago - he just acted bored, imho - he just seems too sophisticated to even show his face on a reality show - guess he did it to keep peace in the family.

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I knew Clints age. I was SHOCKED when my son told me
Dustin Hoffman was 75! lol I thought he was younger than
Robert DeNiro! lol was shocked that Robert is as old as he is too! lol

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And you know what? Amazingly, for every year that all of those guys have gotten older, I've gotten the same amount older! Son of a gun! (But I don't believe I'm as old as I am, either!!!).

And I agree with Dena, Clint's wife. He can park his slippers under my bed any time. Haha.

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I'm 73 and don't feel so old. Mind and body are still working, thankfully.

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Susie what I posted had nothing todo with what you posted except to agree with you I waS JUST SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT SO IT WOULDN'T TURN INTO A POLITICAL COMMENTAY. SORRY YOU TOOK IT THAT WAY.
Sorry about thecaps finger slipped.
And I agree with Dena, Clint's wife. "He can park his slippers under my bed any time." A gal in high school used to say that about some movie star haha

Anyway I heard a long ime ago tht "Old" was always 15 years older than what you are right now.. haha

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While we are setting the records straight, I would like to comment that Cint Eastwood never appeared on "Wagon Train".

Clint Eastwood played "Rowdy Yates", who was the Ramrod on "Rawhide"

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And there was Sylvester (they call the wind Mariah) Newell in Paint Your Wagon. :-)


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He really was one of the handsomest in his early career....and aged really well until these last few. Yes, Paint your Wagon and Play Misty...two of my favorites.

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Great actor.
Don't forget Dirty Harry!

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You never see Play Misty on TV. Kinda rough movie for the time it was on but I would like to see it again.

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Go on, make my day.

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For the record that should say:

Go ahead, make my day.

Here is a link that might be useful: go ahead...

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I never found him appealing in the physical sense, but enjoyed him as an actor. I watched that reality show with his family, and was really shocked they would stoop so low. They don't need the money, what's the point. A bunch of spoiled people who just want fame and recognition. (Not him, but his wife and spoiled brat kid-I saw the one where the DD ruined a Birkin bag I want to say)

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Elraes Miller

I had forgotten about Play Misty for Me. The song was such a favorite. Time to search out the possibility of seeing it again. Should take me back to my teen years.

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I never cared for most of his movies, a little to heavy on the drama but I do like his attitude about some things and the fact that he states them publicly instead of tip toeing around the subjects. I was on a bus tour at Pebble Beach and the guide said around the next curve is the home of the nation's best housekeeper and of course that confused us a bit. She paused a bit and said it's the home of the former Mrs. Clint Eastwood, she kept the house. The location was awesome.

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Here is an amazing list of all his movies:

Eastwood Movies - Actor

2008 Gran Torino as Walt Kowalski
2004 Million Dollar Baby as Frankie Dunn
2002 Blood Work as Terry McCaleb
2000 Space Cowboys as Frank Corvin
1999 True Crime as Steve Everett
1997 Absolute Power as Luther Whitney
1995 The Bridges of Madison County as Robert Kincaid
1993 A Perfect World as Chief Red Garnett
1993 In the Line of Fire as Frank Horrigan
1992 Unforgiven as Will Munny
1990 The Rookie as Nick Pulovski
1990 White Hunter Black Heart as John Wilson
1989 Pink Cadillac as Tommy Nowak
1988 The Dead Pool as Insp. 'Dirty' Harry Callahan
1986 Heartbreak Ridge as Sergeant Thomas Highway
1985 Pale Rider as Preacher
1984 City Heat as Lieutenant Speer
1984 Tightrope as Wes Block
1983 Sudden Impact as Harry Callahan
1982 Honkytonk Man as Red Stovall
1982 Firefox as Mitchell Gant
1980 Any Which Way You Can as Philo Beddoe
1980 Bronco Billy as Bronco Billy
1979 Escape from Alcatraz as Frank Morris
1978 Every Which Way But Loose as Philo Beddoe
1977 The Gauntlet as Ben Shockley
1976 The Enforcer as Harry Callahan
1976 The Outlaw Josey Wales as Josey Wales
1975 The Eiger Sanction as Dr. Jonathan Hemlock
1974 Thunderbolt and Lightfoot as Thunderbolt
1973 Magnum Force as Insp. 'Dirty' Harry Callahan
1973 High Plains Drifter as The Stranger
1972 Joe Kidd as Joe Kidd
1971 Dirty Harry as Police Inspector Harry Callahan
1971 Play Misty for Me as Dave
1971 The Beguiled as John McBurney
1970 Kelly's Heroes as Pvt. Kelly
1970 Two Mules for Sister Sara as Hogan
1969 Paint Your Wagon as Pardner
1968 Where Eagles Dare as Schaffer
1968 Coogan's Bluff as Coogan
1968 Hang 'Em High as Marshal Jed Cooper
1967 The Witches as Carlo
1966 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly as Blondie
1965 For a Few Dollars More as Monco
1964 A Fistful of Dollars as Joe
1958 Ambush at Cimarron Pass as Keith Williams
1958 Lafayette Escadrille as George Moseley
1956 The First Traveling Saleslady as Lt. Jack Rice
1955 Francis in the Navy as Jonesey

Eastwood Movies - Director

2011 J. Edgar
2010 Hereafter
2009 Invictus
2008 Gran Torino
2008 Changeling
2006 Letters from Iwo Jima
2006 Flags of Our Fathers
2004 Million Dollar Baby
2003 Mystic River
2002 Blood Work
2000 Space Cowboys
1999 True Crime
1997 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
1997 Absolute Power
1995 The Bridges of Madison County
1993 A Perfect World
1992 Unforgiven
1990 The Rookie
1990 White Hunter Black Heart
1988 Bird
1986 Heartbreak Ridge
1985 Pale Rider
1983 Sudden Impact
1982 Honkytonk Man
1982 Firefox
1980 Bronco Billy
1977 The Gauntlet
1976 The Outlaw Josey Wales
1975 The Eiger Sanction
1973 Breezy
1973 High Plains Drifter
1971 Play Misty for Me

My two favorites were Two Mules for Sister and the Dirty Harry movies.

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My favorites are The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Play Misty For Me, and Absolute Power. Play Misty is actually CE's love letter to the Monterey Peninsula and Carmel. Every exterior location is photographed so lovingly; you just know how he feels about this place. When he was a very young man and serving in the Army at Fort Ord, he promised himself that he would return to live here some day, and he did.

Oh, and Firefox. When Clint saunters into that Russian hangar in his pilot's suit as the music builds... ah....

CE has given away huge amounts of money to support many charities; he is an outstanding and involved citizen. He has bought up historic properties here that were destined for the wrecking ball, renovated them, and opened/donated them to the public. He's usually under the radar politically, even when he was the mayor of Carmel; last night was a surprise to me.

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I don't remember him in his youth except that he was popular in the "spaghetti westerns" of Italy. Much later, I loved "Million Dollar Baby." But mostly I share his love of jazz. The soundtrack to "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" is one of my favorites. He got Gillian Welsh to sing the old standard "This Time the Dream's On Me." I wish she'd do an entire album of them.

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