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schoolhouse_gwAugust 6, 2012

There is a scene in Midnight in Paris where Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald takes Gil (Owen Wilson) to Bricktop where he sees Josephine Baker dance . Then they leave Bricktop, I think, and go to another bar or restaurant; or maybe they are still at Bricktop. Anyway, Fitzgerald brings Gil into this "place" and calls out to two men sitting opposite each other at a table. I think Fitz. speaks French to them. They are older and with white hair I'm pretty sure. The scene is very short. Who are these two men? This is right before the scene where Fitz. introduces Gil to Ernest Hemingway for the first time.

And I'm pretty sure it isn't Picasso, or the Man Ray, Dali, and Buneli (sp?). That scene comes later.

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Aaack. This is driving me nuts. I can't figure it out. I will have to watch the entire movie again, which would be a treat anyway. The literary references were really flying in that film. I hope someone can answer this!

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I think they are artists.

Here's a link to IMDB, look up the movie and see .... there are a ton of characters in there who were really briefly on the screen

Here is a link that might be useful: IMDB

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The movie came on at 10:20pm. on Stars. I was watching another program but I kept switching channels until the MIP scene was coming up. The movie started at 10:20pm., the scene appeared at 10:44pm. - so the scene I'm talking about is 24 min. into the movie. Yes, they leave Bricktop and go to another place. Two men are at a table across the room,now I see that one has dark hair (not white) sitting on right side of table, thought other guy was older, maybe bald head? Scott Fitzgerald calls out to them"Toulemaie"!(??) ha ha I don't know French.

I asked this same question on another forum and a poster said that he watched the film with Spanish subtitles and Fitzgerald calls out "Goodnight to all!" when he and Gil enter. Why would he say "Goodnight to all" if they just arrived? He said in English we probably would say "Good evening all!" So he thinks that Fitz.isn't addressing anyone in particular, and that the two men at the table are no one special. That sounds very possible.

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I think Cole Porter was one of them and I forget the other. Have to watch it again. Loved the movie.

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Does this link help?

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Here we go. Someone posted this response on the other forum I spoke of earlier:

"I put in my dvd of the movie and looked at the scene. They walk into Polidor and you do see two men seated at a table, but Fitzgerald doesn't talk to them. Rather they show him entering the restaurant saying "Bonsoir tout le monde", not addressing anyone in particular. One of the two men nods, but there's no interaction. Then he is saying "Greetings and salutations. You'll forgive me, I've been mixing grain and grappa". This is addressed to an as yet unseen Hemmingway. The next sentence he introduces Gil to Hemmingway."

Thanks all.

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Bonsoir tout le monde. Good evening to all the world.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Was it Toulouse Lautrec? I know that he was in one scene, a Moulin Rouge type of place.

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sheilajoyce, I love it. rhizo, that scene is much later when Gil and Adrianna are transported to the 1890's Maxim's.

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