DEA scam is back

sudiepavAugust 13, 2014

I got a call yesterday from "special agent" Thomas Hunt who said there is a warrant out for my arrest, a search warrant executed for my home, and other myriad dire consequences from my buying illegal drugs online....not true. I got this call a couple of years ago, and it's really threatening and scary,but it's a scam. They hope to intimidate people into paying a "fine" to an account overseas to call off the bloodhounds. Anyway, look up DEA scams should this happen to you. I reported this to the DEA before I called Mr. Hunt back. I told him what a scumbag he was trying to extort money from people and asked if his mother knew he
was doing this. All this only gave me great personal satisfaction, but if someone calls with a similar scam, DON'T FALL for it,

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Hmmm...makes me wonder how many people would fall for this because they know there are grounds for the accusations.

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Thank you for notifying us for these scams. Even though we might be aware of different ones it is always good to refresh our memory.

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We received one last week but I cut him off as soon as he said enough (few words) to make me realize who he was. I also said I was so sorry he had to take such a despicable job 'cause it made me feel good. :) I would imagine these sorry souls do have trouble sleeping at night, though probably not their bosses.

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Being 77, I guess I'm elderly but still would know the difference between a legit call or a scam....Often wonder, who in their right mind would fall for something like this.....

But, I guess if you are someone that buys that stuff, you might just start shaking in your shoes, lol.....

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I also understand there are similar scams targeting people falsely accused of defaulting on a loan, being behind with rent or a mortgage payment. They are very threatening. I knew I was in the clear because the only drugs I've ever bought online were medication for my dog, and I had prescriptions from my vet for those.

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