dream cruise...

susanjf_gwAugust 18, 2012

had the woodward ave dream cruise today in detroit burbs...we hadn't ever gone this late (birthdy party for dgd) but wow wasb';t dissapointed...i usually look for this "lacey vw (open metal work looks like lace and you can see right thru)

but today's vw bug had modified doors that opened "up" into the air...looked like a work in progress though (not shiney and pretty, yet)

then all shapes and sizes of corvettes, old and new trucks, even some fancy golf carts!

it took us 2 hours to drive about 10 miles...if you ever have a chance and love cars come someday!

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Every Saturday, Corvette owners meet at Logans Steak to show off their Corvttes. Been a regular thing for several years.

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Our town hosts an antique car show every July. In the days before the show you have to drive carefully. The streets are full of huge old Dusenbergs, Jaguars, Morgans, Packards etc. (Almost always driven by some old geezer wearing a *cap*.)

A family memory involves touring the show with our DS and his then-fiancee. We were admiring a gentleman's perfectly restored Rolls -- two of them, I think. The man's very tipsy wife then struggled up from their picnic blanket to complain, "You know, aaaall his money goes into these damned cars...while *I* am reduced to wearing RATTY UNDERWEAR! Y'don believe that? Look!" She began to raise her skirt, but fortunately for us all, she lost her balance and sank, somewhat gracefully, back onto the blanket and...subsided.

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