Does Netflix often do things like this?

alisandeAugust 7, 2012

I'm a big fan of streaming Netflix, but don't watch very often. I watched about half of Season 1 of Midsomer Murders and looked forward to many more. But all of a sudden Seasons 1 through 10 have disappeared, and only 11 through 13 are available for streaming.

Does Netflix often change its inventory like this?

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I haven't had that happen before.

From doing a Google search, it appears that their license for some of the Midsomer Murders seasons expired and they're trying to get it renewed.

If you have Amazon Prime, I believe you can watch them there.

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Oh that figures. My son just gave me his sign on and password yesterday so that I can stream Netflex. I was looking forward to watching the initial seasons of all the shows I'm currently watching and Midsomer Murders was top on my list.

He did tell me that things often disappear.

We share an Amazon Prime account - he's the Primary so I'll have to ask him for that information.

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Oldgardener's news is encouraging, anyway.

I didn't realize they'd changed seasons when I started watching an episode. I was surprised that the sergeant had disappeared and Joyce had lost weight! :-)

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Here's a site that lists what's new, what's expiring and when, and what has been most popular on Netflix. I find it very helpful.

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Mare -- thanks for that site.

I just signed up for Netflix (after getting a Roku streaming device) and was a bit surprised that its inventory wasn't as large as I'd thought. Of course, I'm searching just for instant viewing, and there are probably a lot more available on DVD, for an extra fee (but that's not happening!).

There are some titles I want that are on Amazon, so I'll be mixing those in.

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Pammy & everyone, if you have not watched "Foyle's War" on Netflix, you might want to give it a try. It's set in WW II England. I happen to be a fan of that era, but I don't think that one would have to be a fan to enjoy this series.

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Pammyfay, last I heard, Netflix has about

12,000 streaming titles and about

90,000 DVD titles.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something interesting to watch. ;)

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I've had Netflix since last Dec and haven't run out of things to watch yet. They periodically remove old titles and add new ones. There are some classic movies that I've enjoyed revisiting.

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I have noticed that on netflix also. I'm about ready to cancel it because they have nothing I care to watch anymore. The only reason I keep it is so that my daughter can watch it. She says she can still manage to find stuff to watch.

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really, maire cate? Do I have this correct - you are illegally, at least immorally, accessing netflix and are disappointed that the series you wanted to see might not be available? For $8 you can get a month, in fact a free month trial, and can watch it all till your heart's content.

And as far as Amazon Prime and your doing the same thing, that isn't even necessary because they allow a user to share with a family member. I'm surprised you have the nerve to admit that on a public forum, even if under a fictitious name. Off my soap-box!

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Jae- I have a question about your comment. My son lives in my home and connected his old laptop to the TV in my family room so that Netflix streams on a larger screen. You should be satisfied to know that both morally and legally I'm still an innocent since I haven't bothered to access any of it.

If I sign up for a Netflix account and my DH wants to watch a show - is he also required to purchase his own subscription?

I did log on to the Netflix user agreement page and did my best to read through all the restrictions, disclaimers, regulations etc. and I found this :

..........Permitted Use/Restrictions

Grant of Limited License. Netflix grants you (which, for purposes of this License Agreement, shall include members of your immediate household for whom you will be responsible hereunder and users of the Netflix ready device with which you are accessing the Netflix service and for whom you will be responsible hereunder) a non-exclusive, limited, personal and nontransferable license, subject to and conditioned on your compliance with the restrictions set forth in this License Agreement, to install and use the Software, in object code form only, provided to you by or on behalf of Netflix in connection with your use of the Netflix service.

After reading this Permitted Use clause it appears that members of my son's immediate household are allowed to utilize the service. But perhaps I should just wait until I receive your blessing.

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Good news Jae - I am exonerated - legally and morally. Your accusations were totally without merit but unfortunately still hurtful. I called Netflix and I'm happy to report that my interpretation was correct -- any member of the household may use Netflix with the subscriber's permission.

Now I'm off to watch those missing episodes of my favorite series. I have a cup of tea and a warm blueberry scone - Midsomer Murders here I come!

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You bet we family members share the Amazon prime! That is the whole point.

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Glad you checked, Maire--although I knew you wouldn't do anything illegal or (especially) immoral!! I was surprised at the accusation.

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Nowhere in her original post did she say that her son lived in the same household. Of course that changes the complexion of the issue. I apologize for my accusation, maire cate. It sounded as if you were asking about what I originally thought. As for Amazon Prime, I know well about letting family members have use since my son has me on his account to do just that even though we live in different states. We each have our own Netflix although sharing would be possible if one of us gave the other their user name and password, which I thought was what was happening. Again, sorry for my assumption.

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I appreciate your apology. It wasn't the wrong assumption that was hurtful, it was the sarcasm. But that's behind us now and all I have to figure out is how to use his connection. I still haven't watched anything yet. He removed his laptop and now connected some video game device with yet another remote so now I have to relearn a new setup procedure. It would be nice to watch on the large screen TV but honestly it would be much simpler on the computer.

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Oh I just realized the best solution would be to just buy some type of streaming device and leave it connected to the TV. I'll have to check into that.

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I'm sure you're right. I can recommend Roku for under $100.

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Do you have a WII? You can stream Netflix through it if you have one.

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