today was truly MONDAY!

OklaMoniAugust 12, 2013

I almost left without my water bottle... yes, that is needed on a bike ride to work and home.

Arrived at work, and realized, I didn't have my locker key! CRAP

My hairnet is in the locker, and my temperature probe which I need several times during the work day, and my marker used almost as often!!! CRAP.

Then, I forget to clock in, to take the milk count.... later, dumped half the clean up water on my shoe/foot and the floor, and needed to get the mop out....

Yep, it is Monday... it even drizzled on me on my ride home.


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For you, Moni!

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Hey, look: It's TUESDAY!
You survived "manic Monday"! Congrats!
Your reward? A terrific Tuesday!

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Hoping today is a better day!

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What a day! Hope this one's better!

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It's Tuesday. Hope things are going better.

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the only way Tuesdays are bad is when you wake up and think it's Friday LOL makes for a Loonnnggg week! I do that often during my crazy 'spring' which has turned into my crazy 'spring-summer' :-( ~ liz

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