How hot and dry it is

bengardeningAugust 1, 2012

IT is so hot and dry here in South Dakota, that the birds have to use pot holders to pull the worms out of ground , and the trees are begging the dogs to water them. Now that is hot and dry!

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Very funny, thanks for the smile.

It's 103 here in Kansas and very dry I think. It is not dry in our neighborhood. The association waters every night, which causes plants like sedum to look rot and causes fungus and disease on other plants. This was a stay at home day for me, made breakfast and this evening I had Cheerios with nectarines. Hope you all had a nice day.

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Had a huge storm that stalled over my area the other nite.
Thundered and lightened all night long, literally.

News even reported a SLEEPLESS nite for everyone in our area. 4 plus inches in just a matter of hours.

Supposed to have another tonite, but hope hope hope it doesn't happen.

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It is sooooo hot and dry here, that the majority of the lawns are winter dead looking.

My bike seat and handlebars were so hot after work yesterday that I decided I need to bring gloves for the ride home today. Yes, I ride my bike. My car would never cool off in only 3 miles anyway, and this way I get some exercise.

I can ride standing up for a bit... but then sit on the hot seat anyway.

I also bought another soaker hose, and stretched it along the side of the house where I hadn't been watering anything. I am worried about my foundation. The last thing I need is a cracked foundation.

My yard looks awful, where I hadn't planted anything, and thus, don't water.

We need rain. Glenda quit being such a hog. LOL


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sharonann z5 Ont

This says it all

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I was just thinking of mowing the grass around the courtyard garden area this morning while it's still somewhat cool, but not sure if it's a good idea to stress the area. There are patches where the grass is high and green, then some with tall weeds starting, other places brown thatch. When walking barefoot across the yard anywhere sometimes you can hear and definitely feel the crunch.

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Mom and Dad left South Dakota for California 60 years ago because of the cold, not the heat. Mom still won't go back for a visit in the wintertime. But I think she'll like this little funny (I'll share it with her tonight at dinner). At 85, she can surely laugh about Dakota weather now.

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schoolhouse, you can hear the crunch with every step across most lawns here.

It's firedanger dry.


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Yesterday we had thunder for a while. I think we had at least 4 drops of rain My DH said it was raining out and by the time I looked the deck was dry. !o miles south of here they had 3- hundreds of an inch. Our sherrif was out fishing in a boat and a storm came up. By the time they got to dock it they couldn't get it on the trailer. It tipped off and he had a picture of it filled with water.and he said he put a hole in the hull.

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Cooler that predicted today, do need some rain for the crops but another field fire. Our winter wheat and barley are ready to go, but the bins are full. Great crops except it is dry and any spark sets it off..

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Streetlamp melting in Stillwater, OK

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Now, THAT is the best example of HOT that I've seen, Kim!

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Holy crap Kim. Is that REAL??

By the looks of it, our blistering summer is carrying on into August. Tomorrow is going to be 34C. (93F) I know many of you are still in the 100's but 93 in August is ugly for us. That's actual temps so of course the humidex will make it in the 40's.

Our lawns are brown, no biggie, they always come back. The leaves are curled on the trees, and many are falling. Some are also turning. Everything is stressed.

It's our hottest summer in a decade. People still take their dogs with them in the car when they go into a store. There are many "reminders" in the paper, and cops have been called in some cases and the windows broken, and some people charged.

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Yes another mid-90s day for us with high humidity here in MN. Will it never stop? I'm just about at my wit's end: feeling truly depressed, edgy, irritated all the time.

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I was hoping August would be cooler after a stinking hot July. Not so far and looking at the forecast, not for awhile. We have had the occasional downpour but we really need a few days of constant rain.

It is soooo humid. When I came downstairs this morning the windows were covered with condensation from the AC inside and the humidity outside. Really yucky. I can take heat when it's dry, but the humidity really gets to me.

I'm tired of being trapped in the AC. We had a couple almost bearable days this last week and it felt good to get out and work in the yard. Of course, all the annuals I planted look lie they are ready for the compost heap. My water bill was ridiculous from watering everything. I think I will cut back on annuals next year.

I can;t wait for fall.

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After further checking, it appears it was a nearby fire. Even though it was 114 degrees that day.

I wondered why they would use plastic on the streetlamps then thought oh, hail alley.

I think it's been over 100 for 2 or 3 weeks now. My heart goes out to the people without airconditioned homes, the people that work outside and the pets.

Mystery Of Melted Light Fixtures In Stillwater Solved
Posted: Aug 02, 2012 2:11 PM CDT
Updated: Aug 02, 2012 3:26 PM CDT
By - email
Photo taken by Sean Ball.
A fire near the street lamp likely caused the fixtures to melt. STILLWATER, Oklahoma - While temperatures reached a record high in Stillwater Wednesday, it wasn't the weather that melted fixtures on a street lamp. It was a fire.

Sean Ball sent two pictures to News 9 of the melted fixtures at the corner of 7th and Main. According to the News 9 Weather Department, the high temperature in Stillwater Wednesday was 114 degrees.

That seems hot enough to melt the lights, but another News 9 viewer sent in a different picture. It showed a fire in a dumpster on the same corner early Wednesday morning.

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bless the firemen who had to fight the fire which melted the lamps...understand they're taking all sorts of extra fluids along when fighting fires since the extra heat is so draining...

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Our temp today will be 86 degrees with 36% humidity and 20% chance of rain. I will definitely keep our Summer weather compared to the horrible temps some of you are having. We are lucky that we missed the 100+ temps while we were on vacation in the PAC NW in June.

Phoenix will be 103 today but where we live (3 hours away) we are a mile high so much cooler.

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