Had an insect stuck in my ear canal......

alisandeAugust 11, 2012

......and it wasn't pleasant! I think it was a gnat, or one of those larger gnats we call black flies. Not only could I hear him whining and struggling to get out, but my ear and canal throbbed and felt hot. He was probably biting, and I those black fly bites always swell up. When I started getting stabs of pain as though he were hitting my ear drum, I decided it was time to get some professional help.

The nearest hospital E.R. said they were full, so I took my tablet and a Smithsonian magazine with me. But just as I reached my car, the insect made his way to freedom. I felt free too!

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Oh my gosh! I think, I would have panicked. I don't see, how I could get one out, cept maybe pouring water in, and hoping to flush it out?


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I've had a mosquito fly into my ear, and it is awful...hearing them and feeling them moving around. But, the worst that ever happened was when I was a kid. We had screened in porches on the front and back of the house and I used to sleep out there in the summer. I had a light on for a long time because I was reading and when I turned if off and fell asleep, a June bug crawled into my ear. It was horribly painful and I was screaming, "Help! He's killing me!" My poor parents came running...thinking someone was attacking me.

We went into the bathroom and when the bug saw light, he backed out. The inside of my ear had actually bled. For a very long time after that, I slept with my head covered up.

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Ooooh God,how I can sympathize with you. I once had a click beetle crawl in my ear, and exactly as you say, as the bug struggles to free itself it is clawing the inside of your ear canal and bumping its head on your eardrum. Its now what one would really call pain, but you can be sure it is a feeling that is guaranteed to drive you stark staring mad is a short time.

I thought about putting some hot water in the ear to drive the bug out, but quickly gave up on that idea when I realized with my luck I would probably just drown the bug in place.

Then I thought about gripping it with tweezers and pulling it out, till I got the mental image of half the bug coming out with the tweezers.

By the time I got to the hospital that thing was driving me nuts. I walked up to the receptionist in the ER and she asked what my problem was? There I was, standing there with my hand clamped on my ear and shaking my head furiously and I blurted out "I got a bug in here".

Not fully understanding the nature of my request, the receptionist was proceeding to book me a stay in a rubber room until my GF corrected her and told her I had a bug in my ear.

Five minutes later I was in an exam room and a doctor had removed the bug, which he put in a pill bottle as a souviner as if I needed that....LOL

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I had it happen to me, I ran to the bathroom grabbed the bottle of peroxide and poured my ear full I bubbled that bug right out. I talked to my doctor and he said that was the best thing to do. I am sure glad I thought of it, it was driving me crazy.

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Free at last!

Never experienced what you did, and hope not to!

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Love your stories! I had no idea this happens often. I've lived all these years without a bug in my ear until tonight. These insects have flown into our eyes, though. That's no fun either, but much easier to get out.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I've had it happen to me, as a child, and also with a blackfly. As I recall, my dad had me go swimming in the lake (we were in the Adirondacks) and try to float it out. It worked. I'll sure remember the peroxide, if it ever happens again.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Funny story about using peroxide. Back in my med school days I worked with a friend that was a vet. I helped with surgery and such. One day this guy brings in his big black Lab dog. The dog is pretty relaxed but the guy is pretty frantic. Doc, who is about the most laid back country fella ever, says what is the problem? Guy says Doc he just ate some pot hummm ok not a problem, guy said well it was a lot of pot, hummm ok bout how much would you say? Guy well um a pound or so. Well now we know why the dog is relaxed and the guy is frantic... He had already sold the pot! And wanted it back!
Doc looks at me, I am about to die, we take dog to the back, give him a big drink of peroxide, lay a garbage bag on the floor, and pretty soon all the pot came bubbling up onto the garbage bag. Baggie pieces included. Dog was fine. Not really sure what the pot was like though. Lol

See lots of uses for peroxide.

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Just saw this a couple days ago. Kind of made me sick. Glad the gnat flew out on its own.

Here is a link that might be useful: spider in ear

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I had that happen to me one time. I just got the sweeper and sucked it out.


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OMG, Sue, I'd be afraid I'd suck out my ear drum in the process! Or at least do irreparable damage to my ear. Glad it worked out okay for you.

Dedtired, someone told me about that story, but I hadn't seen the picture. It looks like a jumping spider. I feel a little sorry for it.

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Makes my ears hurt just reading these stories!

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Glad you got it out, Alisande. I hate those gnats/flies whatever you call them. They fly in my eyes, nose, and mouth when I'm out walking. I've been bitten on the ear, and they've flown into my ears, but never all the way in thank goodness!

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I was just outside weeding, making some progress in comfortably cool temperatures, when two of those gnats hit my ears, one after the other. That was it for me and weeding! I may see if I can find a pair of earmuffs.....

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You don't need ear muffs - how about these......Ear Guards!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ear Guards

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Thanks, Maire! The price is certainly right, but I can't say I'm crazy about the way they advertise them.....the implication that we need to be afraid spiders will crawl into our ears as we sleep.....

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I'm so happy I'm not the only one this happened to. Just recently I had a bug fly in my ear. It was horrible feeling it move. I was seriously going to go to urgent care. I flushed it out with water. Thank goodness it worked.

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I'm curious: How do you "flush" it out with water or peroxide? I've never had a reason to need any ear care, so I'm wondering if using peroxide, there's any way it can go too deep into the ear canal?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

No and the doctor has used peroxide and alcohol both in my ears. We have a syringe tool made especially for flushing the ear canal. My husband has been plagued with wax buildup and has to flush his regularly. I have had little snippets of hair get down in there when I get hair cuts and I can hear it moving against my eardrum, drives me nuts. On several occasions I had to have the doctor get a piece out soon after a hair cut. I am tempted to start wearing ear plugs for the cuts.
As the doctor was looking into my husbands ears once he saw what he said looked like a tiny blue grain of sand. He was baffled so were we. The next day as I was taking a shower I looked down at my skin and saw tiny blue grains all over, they were the scrubbing granules in the body wash! I called him and told him what it was in case he saw them in someone else.

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Wish I had been reading Gardenweb.com forum postings on 9/08/12. I had a click beetle that was about 3/4" long crawl into my ear around 2 a.m the next morning. My husband looked in my ear & couldn't see anything.There wasn't any pain for a little while,then the beetle began clawing. The clawing intensified for about 30 seconds & then there was an excruciatiing sharp pain when it did it's "click". This happened at regular 5 to 8 minute intervals. After 45 min, my husband took me to ER. The critter was still very lively. Whenever the doc tried to look in my ear it started clawing. It was wedged sideways deep in my ear so even when he got a look, he couldn't see anything so the diagnosis was inner and/or outer ear infection. I went to my g.p. the next day. Thankfully the painful clicks stopped shortly before my appt. Thankfully it must have drown in the ear drops the ER doc gave me. After an hour of peroxide washes & warm warm irrigation, he finally got it out. I might have been brave enough to try the peroxide or mineral oil drowning method to remove it if I'd known. But considering how much it hurt every time the creature moved, I'm not so sure. One thing is certain, bright lights will NOT be so close to our front & back doors next summer !! I WILL be on the look-out for them next spring & any of them that I can squish under my boot or object in hand will die this summer !!

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Goodness! I can't even imagine how horribly painful a click beetle in the ear would have been!

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