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ellendiAugust 13, 2014

I forgot to watch last night but watched tonight on my computer. Does anyone know how many more episodes until the finale?

I still,find this social experiment fascinating. I have hopes for Doug and Jamie, Courtney and Jason, but not for Vaughn and Monet.

It was interesting seeing the couples look at their wedding photos.

Do you think more couples will volunteer for future shows?

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The second season is already in the works.

I wasn't excited about those questions in a fish bowl, way too intimate for new couples. I am thinking the next show will be the end where they decide, I hope there are a few more though.
I do not like Vaughn, Monet deserves someone better. I can't stand watching them kiss in the pool.

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my word another one i've sounds better than nude dating!

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found this...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It's funny - at first, I thought Vaughn and Monet were the best match, but I don't think he's ready for a wife. I'm really glad Jamie warmed up to Doug. I felt so horrible for him on the wedding day.

I think Jamie and Doug, and Jason and Courtney will be okay.

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I agree with chi83

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I too agree that Monet and Vaughn are the least likely to stay married. Their segments are stressful to watch, plus they never seem to have fun together (outside of the bedroom). Out of the six participants Vaughn is the least ready for marriage. He shows little effort in wanting this to work.

I like that Jamie and Doug are taking it slow and getting to know each other. I hope she learns to embrace his family, but I understand why it will take her some time. I really hope they make it work. I like the way she lights up now when she is around him. I had little hope for them on the first episode.

Jason and Courtney are so sweet together. Rooting for them as well!

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Agree with everyone. Watched episode 6 yesterday on youtube. I also agree that some of those questions could be TMI. Especially since Jamie seems so insecure....asking what is the weirdest thing someone asked you to do in bed....I don't think it is a good idea to talk about specifics like that with your partner. I don't think Monet and Vaughn will make it either. I was disappointed in her that she was having her girlfriends over on the first night he was back after being gone a few days.

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Marilyn, I was surprised that Monet spent the evening with her girlfriends instead of Vaughn, but I was wondering if maybe neither one communicated what their plans were. Maybe they did and I missed it?

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Monet was going to have fun with her friends and probably arguments with her husband...........which would you pick?

I did wonder why she would do that since she hadn't seen him in awhile. I think they are still trying to work it out.

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Which one would I pick? I'd definitely pick time with my husband, especially if I wanted to try and make the marriage work. I think Monet is very independent and has always been and it would be very hard for her to be in a long term relationship with anyone. Vaughn is a very handsome man, and she says they have great rapport in bed....I'd darn sure not be spending the time with my girlfriends.

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But, Monet and Vaughn don't have the emotional connection that is needed in the long run. They are the only couple that argue. I think Vaughn is moody and can't really get his feelings across.
It doesn't seen like five weeks is enough to make the decision to stayed married.
I am wondering too, if any of the people involved just liked the idea of being a cast member in a reality series.

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I'm sure the idea was more appealing than the actual fact. I hope Jamie and Doug make it. Same for Jason and Courtney. I don't think Vaughn and Monet will make it.

I was thinking about that today....would I want to marry someone who was just like me? Oh, hell no!! I've been married almost 49 years and my husband and I are like oil and water. It isn't that we aren't compatible but I think because we aren't just alike is what makes us compatible. Within reason, of course.

Would you....did you....marry someone who was very much like yourself?

And, I have to add this....sometimes I think it is unusual when any marriage lasts. Sometimes it gets down to just realizing that no one is perfect, finding the good in someone, and molding yourself to fit. Not that you give up your entire self....but to make it work, it takes the old give and take. Someone asked me one do you stay married so long. I said, "You just don't get a divorce."

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So true. Someone once answered when asked why she was still married and she said, "We never fell out of love at the same time."

There are certainly times in a marriage that test us. Although none of my friends are divorced, when I look at all the families that my children grew up with, I do see a few divorces. It seems that a turning point is when the kids are nearing college age. Couples look at each other and say, "What's next?"

After 30 years, i sometimes think I don't know my husband! I can't image marrying a stranger. Yes, they were scientifically put together, but only out a pool of people that were willing to participate in the experiment.
I'm imagining too, that there might have been a few choices for each of them and the experts had to figure out which ones had the better odds.

It would be funny if after deciding to divorce, the cast members could meet other that were in the running.

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