Frozen Perogies

ivamaeAugust 7, 2012

I posted a question a few minutes ago and it apparently must be out in cyber space.

I bought some frozen cheese falvored perogies to-day and cooked them in the microwave. Thee were 3 ways suggested - microwave, oven and boiling in water.Tthey were all right but very bland. We used to occasionally go to the Polish Hall where we were served these and they were delicious. Much different than these were. Should they be served with sour cream? Is there any way that I can liven up the flavour a bit? Tthere is a large bag and we will eat them but would appreciate any suggestions.


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I never heard of perogies until I left NYC and moved to PA. I don't eat them myself, but I've seen them served a lot. People often saute chopped onions in butter and put that on top. Perhaps others will have other ideas.

Both your posts are on the board, BTW.

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welcome to detroit and a huge polish community! what we do (thanks to costco's brand) is boil, then pan fry in butter...then sauce...omg! sour cream would be good...they are bland...think i tried spaghetti sauce once but that was yukky (to me)

like you, had never heard of them until we moved east...

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Here they are boiled - never microwaved! - and served with onions sauteed in butter (not margarine).

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I boil them, then saute in butter and onions, a little salt & pepper. DH likes the ones with saure kraut in them. Microwaving seems to dry them out.

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I make them like Tami..boil them just until they float and maybe a minute or two more and then take them out of the pot with a slotted spoon and lightly saute in lots of butter with a few onion slices...if you don't like fried onions you can omit them but the browned butter is wonderful. Then salt and pepper them and serve with sour cream...Yummy!

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My Polish grandmother, and aunts, made them by hand but I buy the frozen. Not the same but good enough. I like the potato
ones but remember cabbage too. Boil, then fry in butter. Haven't tried them with sour cream but thanks to the tip, I will now.

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We love the cheese perogies and we boil them. We melt the butter and put in the onions and sautee for a while, then we pour that over the drained perogies and top with sour cream.

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Ivamae-after boiling mine(the frozen ones) I pan fry them in bacon and onions=delish, and served with sour cream as well

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Yep- boil until they float and then saute with butter and onions. I make my own and then freeze them.. then I cook them that way and serve with sour cream. Yum!

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I do what Susan does. It 's a hassle to make them but waaay better than frozen store bought. I make dozens and freeze what we don't eat fresh. Boil the frozen ones for a few minutes then brown in butter and onions. And top with sour cream. My Russian grandmother taught me.

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I throw some thin strips of red, green and yellow peppers in with the onions and butter. Saute till tender then add boiled perogies, satue a little more till slightly brown.

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oh my, reading this is making me hungry for perogies. I make my own, using saurkraut and onions, and the other ones are potatoes and cheese. I use real potatoes and american cheese. My favorite is the dry cottage cheese.

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