I've got cucumbers!

JeanInWaAugust 21, 2012

I planted seeds in a wastebasket that was cracked in the bottom, just for giggles. I have no patio, balcony, nothing, but I had an urge to grow. I set up a little "garden" area in the mulch rock across the sidewalk from our door. I really didn't think I had cucumbers on it yet, but just kinda moved some leaves aside, and WOW! AND, it tasted good. I was afraid it might be bitter, but it was YUM! I sliced it up and sprinkled with vinegar and fresh ground pepper. HEAVEN.

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Very nice Jean!!! congrats!



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thanks...I feel like a proud momma!

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It's fun to grow things, isn't it? I put cucumbers and eggplant among my flowers.

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very nice !!

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