Evidently, he needs ALL the streets going north

JeanInWaAugust 9, 2012

It took me ten minutes to get to work this morning...and an hour to get home this afternoon. Thank you Mr. President.

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He's a person who takes a wide view of many aspects of life?

Plus ... don't most presidents have a fairly wide variety of choices regarding what courses of action to take?

ole joyful

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Yes, the secret service and the local police set aside several routes as alternatives in case of emergency. SOP.

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I remember that happening to me back when Nixon was in office. I lived in Arlington and worked in downtown D.C. I commuted on the bus. Many times coming home from work, there would be a Presidential motorcade and traffic came to a standstill.

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When DD was in elementary school and Reagan was Pres. We were on our way home from a field trip and what should have taken about 30 minutes took us 3 hours. That was back in the day when very few people had cell phones. One Mom walked up and down the cars until she found a generous man who let her call the school so the parents could be notified that we were going to be very late getting back.

When a president is in town, they do stop all traffic, in all directions for a large area around where he will be travelling. They don't want anything moving that could be a problem. And boy, those kids with their pumpkins they picked at the pumpkin patch must have looked like real Terrorists!!!! (not--LOL).

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I feel your pain! Here, we have/had our interstate and bridges shut down for 13 months over every weekend (opened during the week) to repair the bridges. You could NOT cross the river unless you went far far west or far far east. No cutting through town. UGH! I learned it was actually shorter for me to get to church going that way though, and no interstate headaches (idiots who drive way too fast and hostile???). Yay!

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Lucky you to have only a ten miinute commute! An hour on the expressway is *normal* for some people. Now you know to rearrange your schedule when a big event is happening.

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Would that there had been better surveillance when JFK was assassinated.


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