Hey Moni.................

JoAnn_FlaAugust 1, 2012

How is Bongo doing? Are you ready to let someone else have him awhile? We want to see some pics!

Here is his goodbye photo.

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Such a cute picture! Always love Moni's beautiful smile!

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I tell ya, that monkey didn't want to go. But I think, he is getting tired of hanging out in the house, to keep kinda cool. The AC has been running non stop since I got home over 4 hours ago.

It barely keeps up... at least, the indoor temp isn't rising.

It is sooo darn hot out.

Bongo kept looking back as I was leaving.

and when I stopped at Rolfs house, he jumped right on his back. :)

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Where are the new pics of Bongo? He hasn't been sleeping again has he? That is one lazy monkey!

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