8 days and counting

sheilajoyce_gwAugust 30, 2012

8 days to our son's wedding in Big Sur. We are all staying in the same hotel, and hopefully the two little grandsons will be able to sleep well enough to be happy campers.

The 2 3/4 year old is the one we worry about. He had a rough time in Florida with his family and his other grandparents and the cousins. He never seemed to understand that this was a family trip. He kept asking to go to "Mommy's house," and when that didn't work, to "Grandma's house." When they returned, I went up to visit a couple of days later while he was napping. When I went in to get him up, he stood up in his crib and asked, "Grandma, did you find your house?" Then they came down here last week, and he kept asking me and his grandfather the same question.

Hopefully, he will adjust well because the bride has asked him and his 5 1/2 year old brother to be the ring bearers. Should be interesting.

We are lucky to be welcoming such a sweet, kind, and happy young woman into our family. They are good for each other and make a sweet couple.

We hope we have sunny, cool weather for everyone's comfort.

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Exciting time indeed. I hope it's the most beautiful day for the wedding.

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Enjoy every moment of the special event.

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of all the special places they could chose to get married! sept can get a bit warm but being right on the pacific you always get those ocean breezes in the evening...

enjoy to the max! wish i could be with you!

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Sounds wonderful. It will be lovely, and I'm glad you like her so much!

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How very beautiful that will be! I hope they will let the little one off the hook if he seems stressed.

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welcome to our part of the world----we're up the road near Monterey.

It will be lovely for the special occasion!

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Enjoy the day! Congrats.

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