what a task......

cheri2008August 27, 2012

Gotta share.. I have lost 40 lbs since March, so many of my clothes are getting baggy. I spent the whole day clearing my closet of any thing that no longer fits, or that I just do not care for any more....probibly 75% of my clothes...a big acomplishment for me...do not know why, but it has been very difficult for me to part with clothes. Many items had been in my closet for YEARS...

My closet is now so clean and organized...so tickled....

I am still on my weight loss journey have more to loose, but will only have clothes that fit well and that I love.

Truly I am almost as proud of my newly organized closet as my weight loss...

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Congratulations on the weight loss. I wish I could do it.

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Tell us how you did it. The weight loss not the closet.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Awesome, what was your method for the loss?

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Awesome! Hooray for you!
Be very, very proud of yourself.

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Good job You! I know how hard that is (the weight loss) and actually the cleaning out of the closets. I lost 42 pounds in 2009 and it's still off. I really know how hard that is. I'm supporting you all the way. Be very proud of yourself.

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Ok, Ladies, please share your methods.

Congratulations on a tough accomplishment. Even cleaning the closets is difficult. Throwing out items that hold a sentimental value even, but what a good feeling when it's done!

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As someone who is also on a weight loss journey (50 lbs and counting) I salute you! It isn't easy and when you can start going through your closet and getting rid of those larger sizes it is a great feeling.


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That is just wonderful! Very happy for you.

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Good for you..I don't know what I'm more jealous of, the weight loss or the clean closet. LOL

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My best friend lost 60 pounds this past year on Weight Watchers. I decided I wanted to lose 20 so I joined her a couple of months ago. I am almost half way there.
My friend is 74 and had always been heavy. Last year her doctor told her she HAD to go to Weight Watchers, no excuses. She is now off her blood pressure meds and I don't know what others. She walks 3 miles a day, outside when the weather is good, at the mall when it is too hot or too cold or rainy.
I swim, walk or chase a 2 year old. Chasing the 2 year old works best for me. I lose more weight the weeks I watch him more often.

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Congratulations Cheri2008!! That is a great accomplishment!

I lost 40 lbs on Weight Watchers and they alway told us even losing 10% of your body weight brings on so many health benefits, which get better and better the more pounds come off.

So like you I also had trouble getting rid of the now big clothes. I was partially scared I'd gain the weight back and have to use those clothes again, and didn't want to spend money buying the big sizes again. But I eventually got to a point that I realized if I did gain the weight then these clothes would hopefully be out of style.

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Thank you all for your words of encouragement... I lost the weight by going to weight watchers... I have been really commited to the program.. have also joined a gym and go 3 times a week.I have had some struggles along the way, but know I want to live a healthier lifestyle. I do feel so much better, I still have more to loose, and I am confident I will do so, and have faith in myself that THIS time I can keep it off...

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can men join weight watchers? I need to loose nearly 100lbs

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Sally Brownlee

Cheri, Teresava, Linda, Abbey, blfenton, congratulations! keep up the great work!
Lazypup - Men are welcomed with open arms!
I have done WW in the past. Budget has kept me away for a while, but I can attest, the meetings are an excellent accountability tool. They taught me a lot.
I have been very committed to losing weight since early June. I have lost 13 pounds so far. 15 more to my goal weight. (that # is my original WW goal from 17 years ago!
I think eating breakast everyday, cutting out sugar almost completely, very limited bread and pasta has been the key for me. Oh...and logging every bite I put in my mouth. Even the bad stuff gets counted...it matters because when I enter it, I am forced to think about why I ate.
I use my fitness pal and love it.

My food today is
6:30 am bowl of Special K, with fresh strawberries.
10:00 banana
12:00 salad, low fat italian dressing (fork dipped)
2:00 apple
6:00 chicken breast, carrots, whole grain rice.
and water, water, water...
If time permits I will walk about 3 miles, sometimes it is 2 miles on my lunchbreak.

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Congrats! I wanted to lose at least 20lbs this summer but so far have only made it to 14. :( Too much sitting, haven't worked nearly as much outside this year as I usually do and stopped my walking exercises when it got so hot. I vow to begin again Sept. 1st. Again, congratulations.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Lazypup, absolutely men can and do join! I know two men who work where my husband does who did just great on the program.

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Yes, Lazypup, there are men in my weight watchers group too. What I love about weight watchers now (my second time around) is that that fresh fruit is 0 points (they now assign points to food, they don't count the calories). As someone who loves fresh fruit, this has been my salvation this summer. The fruit fills me up and I don't have to worry about counting the points.


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Congratulations, Cheryl2008, that's just outstanding--both the clean closet and the weight loss. You should be proud of both.

Lazypup, Harry (my DH) joined WW and lost 40 lbs. The good thing about WW is you're not deprived of any of the foods you love. You just have to learn how to manage them. Now you can join on-line instead of going to the meetings. You should look into it. As the cook in the family, I kept track of his points--very easy to do.

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There are 2 men in my WW group. Matt has lost 70 pounds and taken up running. I don't know the other fellow's name - he joined with his wife. He is losing fast too.
I eat way too many fruits to lose fast, but have lost almost 40 pounds. 25 of them twice because when I lost my mom - I turned to food and then forgave myself and started meetings. WW online is a lot cheaper than meetings, but I love the support of the people I see every week.
Congrats to all you losers. It's a hard struggle and it never ends.

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Congratulations Cheri, on both accomplishments! I, too, would like to know your weight loss tricks. I have lost 15 pounds since mid August and have 50 more to go.... I need help.
And i think it is great that you have had the courage to rid your closet of all your wrong-size clothing. Treat yourself to a great new wardrobe!!

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