e-receipt?? Good or Bad

marie_ndcalAugust 3, 2012

Lately everywhere I go, the merchants want me to do a e-receipt instead of or with a written one. I have noticed that my spam had increased quite a bit also. I do like to have something in my hand before I leave the store. It happened again when we bought a new refrigator. Schwan does it all the time and I never gave them the email address they use.

Your thoughts and possible dangers Please


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Haven't run across that. I'd insist on paper--a receipt that includes all the pertinent info (store name, date, item, price, etc, salesman's signature, any conditions like return policy). Their choice--they want the sale or they don't. But I want an actual receipt. Not everyone has a computer, not everyone who has a computer has a printer, not everyone who has a printer has ink... sounds like one more way merchants are trying to make it next to impossible for people to return merchandise.

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I have never been offered an e-receipt.
Sounds like I never want to be offered one either!

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I've never heard of an e-receipt, either. I have to have a paper one for my records.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

me either never heard of that and I refuse to give out my email address unless absolutely necessary and that is why I have multiple ones and one I just use for those types of situations so I know where the spam came from.

In stores I have always been given a real paper receipt, when I order online then I do have to give an email address for them to send the follow up info as to shipping etc.

Might say your printer is not working so you need it in paper for your records.

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I would welcome e-receipts any day over paper! DH and I are forever losing receipts between the store and home. It's really sad how two fairly intelligent people cannot keep track of one little scrap of paper. We've tried a number of systems over the years and still either lose or file the receipt (or forget to file the receipt) and can never remember where it is when/if we need it.

But ... I ALWAYS know where my computer is! LOL So, e-receipts ... bring 'em on!


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Sears gives me a paper receipt but also automatically send me an e receipt. I like them. Easy to save and look up when I need them.

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Love them. I save them in Quicken and never misplace them.

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I've rec'd e-receipts from only 2 places (so far): Redbox (they send an e-mail both when I check out a DVD and just after I return it), and from the Apple Store (I signed my credit-card receipt using one of their iPads with my fingertip; great marketing strategy, but I didn't buy one!). I did get a paper receipt when I bought my laptop a few years ago -- either they weren't doing e-receipts at the time or they asked my preference, and I guess for that big buy (there were a few things I needed to get along with the laptop itself), I probably asked for a printed one.

OH! I probably got an e-receipt from Amazon last time I ordered something (a few weeks ago). I bought 2 items sold by Amazon (not an affiliated merchant's store) and they were delivered by a contracted service, and I was surprised there was no receipt in the box.

I guess for things that I think I might have to return or exchange (like clothing), I'd want something printed.

When I purchase something more than $100 (or close to it), I typically scan the receipt and attach it to a photo of the item for my personal "household possessions" record that I keep on my computer. Perhaps it'd be a little more difficult manipulating an e-receipt, I dunno,

So for those more expensive purchases, I'd want a printed receipt.

I'm not sure there are many dangers in having e-receipts, other than them getting misdirected into your spam or junk mail folders in your e-mail basket, and you not seeing them, or for some reason a technical glitch tosses that e-receipt back to the sender. I wouldn't really want the hassle of having to go back to the vendor for a replacement receipt. You'd perhaps have a form of proof you bought something by checking your credit-card account, if you used that and not cash, but it'd still just be a hassle.

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I've stopped giving my Email address to any stores or companies. It's out there already. I get plenty of junk paper mail and plenty of carp in my Email in box. Lucky I have a garbage can and a delete button.

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I don't get spam and I want to keep it that way. I made a mistake of giving my disposable email addy out to a store and immediately started getting spam. I only give it out when I buy things online. Thank goodness I can bounce the email back to sender. The business were local and I was unsubscribed. I prefer paper. I put it in the bag and when I get home and put my purchase away, I put the receipt in a box for that purpose.

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I understand how so many places want to go "paperless" and the tree-huggers want it too but I'm not enthralled with the idea of not having a receipt in hand for a major purchase. If for no other reason than to have no issue walking out of the store since often the bells go off. I usually get a printed receipt even when I do "pay at the pump" so there's no possibility of problems. I'm curious how this affects theft since there's no receipt, no proof in hand.

If I had a "smart" phone, tablet or something that it was verified as in there, I wouldn't have an issue with it, but I'm still in the dark ages in that respect and no desire to turn on the lights.

One thought... at places like "Scam's" Club where you pay to walk in and have to check out twice, how are they going to harass you at the door now? :D I'm sure they'll find a way!

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I always get e-receipts. Easier to track, less waste. No need to print it out - but it's there, digitally, forever.

My email with my receipt comes through to my phone the second they send it.

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That is why I am with Cynic--I like that slip of paper in my hands before leaving the store, or a gas pump. I don't want to be accused of stealing, and sit in some office waiting for the e-receipt to show up. Or being accused of driving off without paying, which in the larger cities happens.

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I got my first one today from KMart as well as a paper one. have to set up a new folder to save them to

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