Clerk called him 'honey' and punched clerk in face

glenda_alAugust 1, 2012

Clerk calls customer 'honey', gets punched in the face

Newington police arrested a man they said became angry when a store clerk called him 'honey' and then punched her in the face.

Just before 5:30 p.m. Monday, police were called to a 7-11 on Willard Avenue after someone called 911 reporting the assault.

The unidentified clerk told police that the customer, who was identified as David Wright, 52, of Burgundy Hill Lane in Middletown, questioned the cost of items and when she told him the price she called him, "honey."

The customer told the clerk that if she called him "honey" again, he would punch her in the face.

The clerk then questioned Wright's intentions and that's when she said he reached over the counter and punched her in the face.

Another customer in the store grabbed Wright and threw him out.

The clerk was able to get a description and partial licence plate number on the vehicle. With the assistance of the Middletown Police Department, a Newington police officer was able to locate and arrest Wright.

He was charged with breach of peace and assault.

He was released on $5,000 bond and is expected to appear in New Britain Court on Aug. 13

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Wow he better never come down South, honey, sweetie, baby, all are very normal greetings.
He would be in jail a lot.

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He has an anger problem.

When my husband was in the care home I wrote a letter about him for the caregivers to read. I told them personally he will react better to honey, sweetie anything except by his name. They said oh, we can't do that, it's against the law. Well, when he resisted doing as he was told he struck out at them. One smart young lady remembered my letter and she said, honey lets go back to your room. He went as peaceful as a lamb.

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I know exactly where that guy is coming from. Just the other day I told a waitress I work with not to call me hon anymore. If there is one thing that has irritated me for years that has got to be it. I have talked to other people about how this bugs me and they feel the same way I do. YOu do not know me so don't call me a name like that. I don't care if it is a normal greeting or not. It doesn't matter where I am at. I have heard it from a checkout clerk too and it bugs me. I think ma'am or sir sounds a lot more professional.

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I know my pet peeve is when I say "Thank you" at a checkout, to a waitress at my table, whereever, I get "yep" and actually, "yeeep". Such bad business practice. These employees should be trained about correct responses, it's kind of irritating.

But to hit someone coz they said "honey"? Please!! I'd sue that customers @ss off. And I'm not the suing type. That's ridiculous for him to respond that way, and he should be punished.

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Bengardening: I'm with you! Unfortunately I've lived in the south for over 40 years now and I'll never get used to it. I won't punch someone in the face about it, but sometimes I feel like I want to.

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I'm with the "anti" hon people...I'm 75 years old and I don't make it a habit of calling anyone "hon" and I don't care to be called that unless it's my hubby.....I do think it's disrespectful especially coming from a much younger person, but I wouldn't punch anyone for it.....
And, these young salespeople not having the decency to even look you in the face while you're checking out or when they're giving you change, that really bugs me....One of the many reasons I wouldn't shop at Walmart was the nasty people that work there but a new store just opened near me and I swear these people have been special trained...They are the nicest, friendlest Walmart people I've ever seen and haven't heard a "hon" any time I've been there.....I just hope it lasts.....

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There was a post about this on another board. 248 replies.

DO NOT call me "Miss" or "Maam" or "Sir" or "You guys" or "young lady" or "buddy" or "dear" or "hon" or "sweetie" and DON'T YOU DARE, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, look at my credit card, hand it back and address me as, *gasp*, my given name!!!

What the heck are we supposed to call you? Lighten up already people! Apparently, no matter how you are addressed, someone is going to be offended.

Here is a link that might be useful: How do you wish to be addressed?

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Obviously, the customer had mental problems. Hope he's in jail where he belongs. Wait 'til he sees who calls him "honey" there... I rather enjoy being called honey or sweetie. Makes me smile. Way too many sad/bad/tragic events happening in everyday life to ever consider being offended by the pleasant greeting of others.

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Don't get me wrong I am totally against him punching her in the face, but you would have thought she would be smart enough not to do it again. Ty MAXMOM for agreeing with me. That is a name for a spouse or special other or reeeeeeeally close friend I do not need someone who doesn't know me and I don't know them to call me it.

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I am not fond of that, but do try to overlook it. I guess it depends on where and how you were raised. I hear more of that here in ND (and Midwest) that on the West Coast, and since we do have alot of people from the South here in the oil fields and in other jobs it seems to be more. I just smile and go on. Depends on their tone also.

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There is a farmer here who divorced his wife years ago and he must have got custody of the son. The son is at least between 30 and 35 years old and the dad still calls him honey. This is even in public. Son has never married and I don't think he has even ever had a relationship. No matter what they are doing they do it together. Neither one of them is a small guy and they even sit in the tractor cab together.

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"Don't get me wrong I am totally against him punching her in the face, but you would have thought she would be smart enough not to do it again."

According to the original police blotter report, NOT the copy and paste above....
"It's unclear if she used the word "honey" a second time."

I also really dislike being called 'honey' by anyone but my husband. It especially rankles when a woman does it.

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It's all a matter of perspective. I was in the dentist office the other day when the receptionist, obviously very southern by her accent, said Yes, M'am to one of the patients. She became very irate and went into a tirade. I told you not to call me M'am. I told you my name is Angelina and I don't want to be called M'am. The poor receptionist, a young gal, was shocked and didn't know what to say. One of the other office gals who has been there a long time, stepped forward and with a very stern voice said, "it is just meant as a sign of respect. There is no reason to get nasty about it. The patient was not backing down...My name is Angelina and I told her not to call me M'am. I just sat there in disbelief. I'm with Angelaid, M'am, hon, whatever, Lighten up.

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When I volunteer at the hospital, I sometimes get addressed as Honey or Sweetheart by men in their 80s. I just smile and tell myself it is their way of being polite. I don't like being called by terms of endearment by men who aren't my spouse or boyfriend, but I just smile. In the workplace in CA, men didn't dare use those terms with female coworkers, it was considered sexual harassment.

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In the upper Midwest (southern Minn.) where I grew up 50 some years ago calling someone by a term of endearment like honey, etc. was unheard of. Unless, of course by a spouse. Fortunately I have cousins in Texas where anyone and everyone is addressed as honey, sugar, or at least Mam. Some of you may know that my wife is from Galveston. A few years ago, while visiting that fine city, I stopped at a Walmart early in the morning. It was uncrowded and as I approached the checkouts a 40ish, heavyset, African American woman was waiting by her cash register. I asked, "Are you waiting just for me?" She replied in a beautiful Texas drawl, "Sugar, I been waiting for you my whole life." It takes a lot to leave me speechless but she did a fine job. Years later it still brings a smile to my face. People need to lighten up.


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Ron, would you have a smile on your face years later, and would you be able to lighten up, if a MAN said that to you?

That's what really irks me... when a woman calls me by a spousal endearment.

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Even if the man asked not to be called "honey" and the clerk called him "honey" a hundred times, the correct response is not to punch the clerk in the face. The correct response is to leave the store and take your business with you, and to write a letter to the manager if you feel that strongly. Punching is never justified, especially a man punching a woman.

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Some people are just too damned uptight. I don't care what anyone calls doesn't even register as a blip on my radar screen. I have better things to think about.

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You're a gal after my own heart, Marilyn! ;-)

Lighten up, people! Complain about the things that need complaining the depression we're in...poverty...the milk of human kindness that's so absent from mankind these days....along with the Golden Rule that, also, seems to have gone missing. Y'all can call me anything as long as I still rise every morning...and can afford to put a meal on my table. ;-)


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