Can I process full pints of crabapple jelly?

caroline94535August 19, 2012

The neighbor and I are, once again, making buckets full of crab apple jelly.

Can I use pint size jars, instead of the half-pints? How long would I keep the pint size jars in the water bath?

Thanks for any info/suggestions/experiences you can share!

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Sure, you can do your jelly in pints. NCHFP - same 5 minute water bath as the half pints. But, why not process them 10, then you won't have to sterilize the jars. I BWB most of my jams and jellies any more for the 10 min period using just clean washed, not sterilized jars - less than 10 min and the sterilizing is required. If it makes a difference at all in the finished product, no one here has finely tuned tastes enough to notice - maybe more a jam expert will have another idea.

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Just happened to think where I was, I don't post here frequently and you may not know me :)

But the unsterilized jars being acceptable for 10 minutes boiling water bath isn't a new or made up idea, it's approved -

Here is a link that might be useful: nchfp Nat'l Center Home Food Preservation

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Thanks for the good info.

The sterilizing wasn't a problem; I sterilize all my jars, but I just couldn't find any info if I could put jelly in pint-size jars. All the recipes and instructions I've found call for 1/2 pint jars.

So, I can take my crab apple juice, add the sugar and make the "jelly," pour it into sterilized, full-pint jars, lid and ring them, and waterbath for 10 minutes. Right?!

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Depending on your altitude, you could do as you described above and process (boiling water bath) full pints for as few as 5 minutes, just as you would half pints. But I do forget not everyone is at sea level as I am so here is the approved tested chart:

Same timing, half pints or pints. You cannot go wrong following directions from NCHFP.

Here is a link that might be useful: Process crabapple jelly

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I make my jellies for gifts in the smaller jars, but that for home use--I always put into pints.

Re: sterilizing--sterilizing can be accomplished by running your jars through the dishwasher so the cycle is done just when you'll need them--as long as your dw has a heating element. Have been doing it that way for years, myself--kills two birds with one stone--the jars need washing anyway, this way they're washed and sterilized simultaneously

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