Do you believe in the Paranormal?

jasdipAugust 12, 2013

My friend works in a group home and has had weird experiences working there. She's not the only one.

She just called to tell me of her latest one.........she and a co-worker in the elevator and they both heard music.....and there is no music piped into the elevator. The co-worker was a little freaked out but my friend told her that she might see a few things working there.

My friend heard loud whispering in the stair-well a few months ago, and also saw a foggy apparition of legs walking, in the lobby.

The workers were talking about these at lunch and the boss over-heard them and came in to say that he's had a black fog enter into the elevator with him.

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No I do not, but only because I have never experienced a moment like that. If I had and was with another person to confirm it then, I would of course believe it. I would believe the people telling me what they saw, heard and felt~~but I would have to feel it, see it, hear it to be a true believer.

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I used to hear someone walking in my upstairs and I would think it would be my husband. I have even called him at work and it would not be him. It would walk from the front door to his room. I have not seen anything though and I have not heard it in awhile. I was never afraid of it though.


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I do to a point,i've never personally experienced it,but I have family members that have,and I believe them

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Yes. One of the oddest things that happens here....things will disappear from their usual place. For example, when I was house sitting for my friend, I kept the keys to her house in the side pocket of my truck door. There is a little compartment there and that is where I keep the keys when I am house sitting. Nothing else in there but the keys. We returned to her house one night....and the keys weren't there. I couldn't believe we had forgotten to put them there. We searched and searched to no avail. Finally, we had to crawl in a window! Fortunately she keeps one unlocked but it is a very skinny window and not easy to get in the house that way. The next morning, they keys were back in the side pocket. It has happened many times here at my house. One time at her house I was standing in the middle of her living room, and a picture of her and her husband, which was on a stand just inside the front door, literally sailed across the room and landed at my feet. Another time I came back to her house and there was a stack of magazines on the arm of the sofa. They were craft magazines. Something I have no interest in at all. I would never have looked at them. No one had been in the house but me. She says her house is haunted. She killed her husband a couple of years ago. I stayed there for five months following that, because her family didn't want her to go home, but nothing out of the ordinary happened that time. I am to go back in January while she goes on a trip to Hawaii. Maybe there will be repercussions this time, since the charges against her were dismissed.

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Both my Mom (who passed away in 2011) and I have heard ghosts. Never seen one and I don't want to. I had a ghost who flushed the toilet in my downstairs bathroom and walked around at night. One night, my brother was visiting and sleeping on my living room couch. During the night I heard (him) pacing around. The next morning I mentioned it. He said he had slept very well and never moved from the couch.A plumber told me there was nothing wrong with the toilet.

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Never experienced it, so my answer is ... No.

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You might like to look at Oliver Sacks' new book "Hallucinations".

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I like to believe in "signs," but I'm not sure they really exist or I just want them to exist.

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I consider myself to be a very logical and rational person, but I do!

A fun little story: A few months after my mom died in 2008, I was living alone and pretty depressed and just not handling it well. My mom used to wear one perfume her entire life, Shalimar. When I was going through her things, I found a tiny bottle of it. I kept it on my dresser along with my other perfumes in a spare bedroom (I used to collect them).

One day I walked in there and saw that the Shalimar was on the floor. I didn't think much of it, figured the cats had knocked it down and put it back. The next day, the bottle was on the floor again. This time I thought it was strange because I had put it solidly on the dresser, not at the edge. And none of the other bottles were disturbed. I picked it up and put it very specifically in the middle of the dresser.

The next day, I walk in and the Shalimar is on the ground, and right next to it is the bottle of my favorite perfume. To me, that's too much to be a coincidence and I felt like it was from my mom telling me everything will be ok. :)

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Is it that time of year already? Cool. My answer is yes! And since I'm repeating what I wrote, I'll just cut and paste it (the thread it's from is linked below):

"...I've never really ever believed in ghosts until our house in Shelbyville, TN. The then little bitty LF (0-2 1/2 years old) would say he saw 'line' people [best description he could give. What'd ya expect from a toddler :) ]. You always felt watched in the front bedroom, where his room was. We woke up one day to a brown ooze that went straight down the middle of the house, but only one side of the ceiling, and not under any pipes or leaks in the roof?!!! Totally weird.

One day, my baby boy, ok 2 year old son, said "They're chanting for you to get out." Chanting?! I was convinced. He wasn't around anyone but me or Ed at that point, him watching him during the day, and I watched him at night, and chanting isn't a word I use for anything, nor Ed. Chanting. And the look on his face. Oh my, it scared the bejeebers out of me. Such a small child to have such a horrible look on his face. I high-tailed it outta the house, and called my sister in law. Shivers. That's where the sage, praying, and admonishing comes in. So, here's where I disagree, that night, when he was going to bed, he got his jammies on, sprayed his monster repellant spray, I told the line people to leave him alone, he tripped getting into bed. He got a black eye instantly. Not good timing, maybe. But when I was lying in bed, I felt someone standing behind me. I just shouted, I told you to get out! Flash of light at that exact moment in an empty field behind our house, and never again was the LF bothered.

I was mostly pissed about that black eye. You know how every kid has that goose egg forehead? He never had one of those. He basically bounced off of everything when he fell, little butterball. Never really got bruises, except that one. Looking back, the rest of the house made sense. The last tenants left their clothes all over the house, like they left in the middle of the night. Even still in the washer and dryer. Never have encountered any ghosts since then either."

Here is a link that might be useful: True Ghost stories-GardenParty

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Dictionary definition of paranormal:

Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation

Therefore, I would say any member of any religion believes in the paranormal.

I'm not one of those members myself, but do I believe in life after death? Absolutely. Even if I hadn't already believed before my daughter died, the signs she has sent me are so dramatic and compelling that they would have convinced me.

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dang it I knew I should not have opened this thread LOL I have enough trouble falling asleep...I am convinced we have a ghost :-( ~ liz

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Absolutely! And rob333, I think you were very lucky.

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I don't.

There is some show on the Biography channel. They are constantly talking about the "orbs" on all their pictures.

For heavens sake - it is dust particles. I can't believe they fall for such nonsense.

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Sometimes the oddest things will up. I wanted some yellow rain lilies. I had seen some at a plant sale but never bought any. The only ones I had ever seen growing in the wild, were on the side of a freeway (busy, busy freeway embankment) in Houston. Too dangerous to stop and dig some up. I made a mental note to get some yellow rain lilies next time I saw some for sale at one of the specialty plant sales I sometimes go to.

I saw a very large patch of yellow flowers in the corner of my yard....but there are several weeds around here with yellow flowers and I didn't think much of it. I walked over to take a closer look....hundreds of yellow rain lilies growing in my yard. I have never seen any of them before, except the ones by the freeway in Houston....never any around here....and certainly not in my yard....had been here about 12 years at the time. But, I have them the hundreds, and I didn't plant them. I merely wanted some.

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I didn't used to, but every one of my relatives who has died has sent me a message afterwards. Our old house had a 'ghost cat' that we'd all seen. This one? Our cat who died a few months ago has been back to visit my husband. Another cat we had appeared in front of my husband at the exact moment DD and I were at the vet's having her put down. When you have that many experiences, it's sort of hard not to believe.

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Very lucky indeed. I've seen stories where it didn't turn out so well. Maybe ours was mischievous instead of malevolent? I sure as heck knew not to use a ouija board! Those things are bad news.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

I do believe that some things occur that have no logical explanation for them occurring.

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Yes, like other posters have shared.. I've also had lots of signs (known as ADC's) from friends who have passed on.

I do not believe in bad spirits... mischievous ones, yes.. but not harmful ones. In a Patrick Mathews book (Forever With You) that I recently read he says that most of the ghosts/spirits we might encounter are our own departed relatives/friends wanting to be near us.

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Just because things happen that one can't immediately explain does not mean it's paranormal activity. Several times I heard something that sounded like footsteps in my attic...which turned out to be crows bouncing around on the roof. And if I had a nickel for every time my keys went missing and ended up some place I didn't remember putting them, I'd be rich.

For many years the James Randi Educational Foundation has investigated paranormal claims and offered a $1 million prize to anyone who can show "under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event." The result: many, many applicants, but no winner.

Here is a link that might be useful: James Randi Challenge

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Susan, I remember the hearts in the water fountain. Signs are very comforting.


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Our last house....the owner died in the upstairs bedroom. Didn't bother me but i knew he was there. He would open the closet doors; hum; heard him say "sorry" once; saw his shadow in the hallway. One time I had this horrible odor of burnt popcorn in my kitchen...(I don't eat popcorn). Said in a loud voice "you can stay here but I won't tolerate that smell". Never happened again. I kinda liked having "Mr Hrubos" around the house.

your resident DJ

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Susan, I remember that too. It wasn't one of mine, but it was beautiful. I'll bet that thread about signs is still hanging around in the Grieving Forum.

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The keys to my friend's house that came up missing, were always put in the very same place....the compartment on the door of my truck. When we searched and couldn't find them...we had to climb through a window....not something people in their 60's want to have to do. The next morning we got ready to leave....the keys were in the compartment where they belonged. They weren't there the night before. I don't know if that is paranormal or what, but I do know they weren't there the night before and we had to crawl in a window to get in the house. The next morning when we went to the truck to leave, the house keys were in the compartment where I always kept them.

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I'm not doubting that a person or group of people *experience* these things. We know very little about how our minds and senses actually work.

We can call these experiences 'paranormal', 'hallucinatory', religious, or whatever -- because they are outside of they way we have learned to take in the world around us...and inside us!

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I believe there's something out there. Just wondering if it's not our energy making things happen. I've been tempted to join a paranormal club in our area to learn more about this.

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