What's for dinner Saturday?

patti43August 24, 2013

Golf, golf, golf around here today. Sorry Georgysmom, but I'm not a big fan. Tonight for dinner we're having baked tilapia, baked potato and a salad with lettuce, tomato and avocado for Harry. Plain avocado for me. Dessert is ice cream with macerated peaches.

What are you having for dinner??

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Patti, hope you are feeling even better today. It would be nice to leave on Sun but with all the animals to take care of we decided to just leave early on Mon.

Dinner today was a ham steak with a baked potato. No dessert.

Busy trying to get everything ready for Monday.

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I had several items to select from but chose to eat leftovers: Ham, potatoes, green beans. Just as good the second time around.

Best of everything on Monday, Mary. I had both of mine done in 2011, 4 months apart.


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Sitting here with my blankie and almost got to napping when the phone rang.

Niki's down by farmer's market and had smoke sausage links with sauerkraut. And I don't generally get, but had their warm out of the oven big yeast roll that I slathered with butter. Yummo! Not hungry enough to get the usual 7 layer salad.

OK, gonna see if I can get the rest of the nap in!

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Mary, I know this is weighing on your mind, but know you are in our thoughts and prayers. How soon will you be able to use your computer? I guess that depends on when you get to go home.

Shirley, I'd have those beans, too. No contest!

Glenda, I can almost smell that yeast roll. I think I would've just had a couple of those wih the 7-layer salad! LOL! Sleep well.

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LOL, Patti. You're entitled. I've been watching and enjoying in between loads of wash. This weekend is catch-up time. Last 2 weeks I was busy every day. Bridge, golf, Wine and Dine, Mexican train, more golf, went to Richmond for the day on Friday with DH, golf Saturday and Sunday until we were rained out, then bridge again, shopping for fixtures for bathroom, my birthday lunch, golf and golf. The body needs a rest and the house needs some attention!

Today I did four loads of laundry and have to do some ironing so dinner is going to be easy. Seven cheese tortellini with marinara sauce and a tossed salad. Smells like an Italian restaurant in here as the marinara sauce is cooking.

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Fixed some frying pan chili (as opposed to pot chili) .Also known as "why he married me chili". Along with it there must be cottage cheese, rye bread and a garden salad. It is the first meal I fed him when we were dating, and he has eaten a boat load since.

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Best of luck on Monday Mary. I'm glad you're feeling better Patti. Today was a gorgeous day, warm with no humidity. I weeded for 3 hours, we got a few groceries then watched golf. Sorry Patti!

Hubby requested sloppy joes, which is easy to whip up. Just about ready for desser: Checkerboard ice cream. (chocolate and vanilla in squares like a checkerboard)

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dh worked on the trim for the new kitchen window...so it was taco salad via taco bell!

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Georgysmom, it isn't the sport, it's the play-by-play. I get tired of listening to those guys. You got a lot done today!

Gazania, it's so cool you remember the first meal you ever made for your DH. And it sounds really good, too.

Jasdip, I wish I could make sloppy joe's like my mother. They were so good. Cool ice cream!! Do you have what they call Neopolitian ice cream. It's vanilla/chocolate/strawberry.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I am sitting at Alicia's Mexican restaurant right now, I had the Fajitas nachos which were wonderful as usual. We have to stop by the grocery store on the way home and I sure would prefer to be going to my recliner instead lol.

Good luck Mary and healthy thoughts to you and patti.

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Patti, As of when we left this morning for hubbies little guys game.(He coaches 9-10 yr olds, and I video tape when I can)..still had a slight headache..he went to "his" game with a team mate/friends family...He should be getting home soon...but still can't start counting those 7 days until he wakes and stays symptom free for a whole day. Oh and that's what Kellan did yesterday..didn't matter if it was a right or left turn..lol seemed like 2 wheels only...

Ice cream sounds good for dinner..lol...

Kellan is begging for that pizza..but I dunno...

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We made a Giada De Laurentis recipe, Fusilli alla Caprese. It's a very light sauce with lots of basil and may be my favorite pasta sauce.

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

After a beautiful, sunny day full of gardening and cleaning, DH suggested pizza and I was glad to agree.

All the best to Mary and Patti and Jannie too.

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kittiemom, checked out Giada's recipe. Sounds good. I'm adding it to my 20 minute meals file. Sure will be nice to have while I have fresh basil. Thanks.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Roast chicken, rice, and fried okra.

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Actually, Patti, it is him that keeps the 'chili' memory alive. We were 17 and home from a date. He was hungry and I gave him the leftovers that were in the fridge. I did make it myself. I had been the chief cook and bottle washer for weeknight dinners since I was 14 when Mom went to work.

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Thanks for the recommendation for the new pasta sauce, Kittiemom and Georgysmom. I too have fresh basil and love plain sauces in the summer.

Our 2 favourite pastas are Pasta Puttansesca and one I just made last week where you throw uncooked pasta, veggie broth, tomatoes, sliced onions in a pot and cook it. It's wonderful too.

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