Update on Dad

tami_ohioAugust 27, 2012

Thanks for the prayers. Dad is better today. They started a saline IV last evening. His bloodwork showed his sodium level was way to low. Today it was at 129 and they want it up to 135. Soooo, the problem was the Dr. who was treating him perscribed a diuretic that removes sodium from the body, at the same time he told him to go on a no/low sodium diet. Dad blasted him today and told him he didn't want see him again. The dr. is not his usual heart dr. but was who was available 2 weeks ago when dad was in. He was rude and disrespectful then. He really made dad mad. Dad really told him off today. Repeated word for word, hand gestures and all what the dr. had told him, and told him he had no business talking to anyone that way, and that he was the reason that dad was back in the hospital this time. Dr. was pretty subdued when he left, after saying he was sorry. Hopefully dad will get to go home in 3-4 days. Please keep the prayers coming.


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That's very good news, Tami! And hopefully the doctor learned something important.

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Hope he gets to go home soon!

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There are so many stories about medical mistakes and blunders lately, it's scary. I am glad your dad is okay.

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sending my best thoughts for strength & healing & for protection from idiots with power.


Good for your Dad!

"They say" that "bad" patients who talk back & demand explanations do much better than "good" (docile, obedient) patients.

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I'm so happy that Dad is on the mend. And how wonderful that he had the guts to stand up to the doctor. It may save the life of another patient.

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His feistiness is a good sign he's feeling better. Glad to hear that.

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Hopefully the Dr. will change his personality to be more understanding and knowlegable. Glad he is doing better.

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Wishing your father continued improvement. Better Days Ahead!

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