What's for dinner Sunday?

patti43August 19, 2012

We just got back from the grocery, so I picked up a turkey/cheese sub for dinner.

What are you having tonight?

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I got Marcella Hazan's cookbook from the library. She's a very well-noted author of authentic Italian cooking.

She makes a very simple and very good pasta sauce. Using just tomatoes (fresh plum, or canned) butter and an onion. So we had spaghettini and that for dinner. Man it is good!

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We are having chicken Moran...chicken cutlets, sauteed in butter, sprinkled with sauteed mushrooms, some chicken broth and Marsala wine poured over that, with a little fresh lemon juice and then topped with grated mozzarella and grated Parmesan cheese and baked for 10 min. We'll have a side of pasta and a tossed salad. That's it for tonight.

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jasdip, that certainly would be a very easy sauce to make.

I had a pulled chicken sandwich and a salad, to which I added a hard boiled egg.

It's a very nice evening here in Ohio.


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Jasdip, did you use fresh or canned tomatoes. I think that'd determine how long it cooked, huh? Sure sounds easy.

Gadgets, you're very inventive today. Hope you put some mayo on that sandwich. LOL!

Georgysmom, that sounds wonderful--like Chicken Marsala enhanced!!

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I was thinking the same thing as Patti, Georgysmom.

Shirley and Patti, it's a real easy, delicious recipe.
I used canned....I haven't seen the 1/2 bushels of Romas in the stores yet. I hope we get some! I cooked it for about an hour. She said to throw out the onion, but I can't consciously do that. After it was cooked, I chopped it and served it in the sauce and it was excellent.

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It's a salmon night tonite -- will just put it in the oven after a light marinade with a (bottled) sesame/ginger sauce. I forgot to pick up some broccoli at the store, so it'll be canned peas on the side, with some yellow rice.

Had a strong rain pass through this afternoon, more coming tomorrow, so tomorrow's MEATLOAF day!!! Once I figure out from my earlier posting how I want to do it.

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We had pork cutlets with mushroom and wine sauce, cucumber and onion salad, and fresh corn (again!)

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A bologna sandwich with mustard and then ate some cottage cheese. Bought the fixins for taco salad but didn't feel like cooking when it came down to it, so will have that tomorrow. Waiting to break open the bag of Doritos when True Blood comes on at 9pm....or maybe before then, they are calling to me right now.

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A couple of days ago Mike grilled two big very thick steaks. I had him do one rare and put it in the fridge. So tonight I will have him heat up the grill and finish cooking it. Will have mashed potatoes and Brussels Sprouts with it.

Need to buy some Bobby beets when I go to the store again.

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Patti and Jas, it is an enhanced chicken Marsala. The thing I like about it is that you can prepare it the night before and just pop it in the oven while your cooking the pasta.

Schoolhouse, don't do it. Don't open that bag of chips. You won't be able to make taco salad tomorrow if you do. Now how would I know that?

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Pammyfay, I have salmon on this coming weeks menu guide. (For what that's worth! Mainly use it as a suggestion list.) As for meatloaf, it's all good, but you're spot on about shaping it yourself and putting in on a rack.

Oooh, Pam_25f, that sounds delicious. Once again, there was corn in the store but it was puny looking so I passed. Did find nice fresh green beans, though.

Jasdip, it sounds like you cooked the onion whole with the tomatoes. Is that right? Interesting recipe, isn't it?

Schoolhouse, every once in a while I crave a bologna/potato chip sandwich with mayo. That's why I refrain from buying it :-)

Nita, does it seem strange not to have Bobby at the table? It sure did when Terri went to college. It was my worst time of day. Enjoy that steak!

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Patti, the onion is halved, and cooked in the tomatoes.
It calls for 5 tbsp butter, btw! Think that might have something to do with why it tasted so good??

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Last night was pork ribs on the grill, chicken pasta salad, potato salad and deviled eggs.

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