What's for dinner Monday?

patti43August 12, 2013

Eating light tonight. We're having a round of Brie, warmed to gooey in the microwave with sliced fresh pears, grapes and summer sausage . Finishing off that pudding tonight, too. Maybe a glass of wine with the cheese!

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I really don't know what I feel like having. I am still working on the peaches. There should be 8 pints and 5 quarts when I take the last out of the canner. They sure were small but so nice, took a good while to get the peelings off of them it seemed like. There was not one wormy one in the bunch. I had a late lunch and it was leftover green beans with fresh biscuit dumplings, smoked sausage and iced tea. Tomorrow I may be canning on the zucchini.


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Dinner was easy. Had chicken breasts & potato salad.

More rain again.

Cataract surgery on the 2nd eye went well. Just hope I don't get the pressure in this eye like the last one.

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Mary, I feel so badly for you having so much rain.

I had a pot pie in the freezer and decided to just have that tonight. It served the purpose of filling the space in my stomach.


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I was thinking of having a baked ziti from the freezer, but decided on pork chops, carrots, onions and riced baked in the oven, instead.
Still waiting for it to finish cooking.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have the Aroma cooker loaded up with homemade chili. I got some nice coarsely ground beef meat, should be better than just plain ground beef.
I might make corn bread too.
It has been a dreary day today. Thought chili fit the weather.
Patti I love to do brie that way, I also like to put apricot preserves on it.

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Sue, hope you find something you're hungry for, for dinner. I didn't know you could can zucchini--guess I didn't know what you did with all of it.

Mary, glad that surgery is over. Fingers crossed for no pressure. Hey--you both ate the same thing tonight!!!

Shirley, some nights "filling the space" is good enough for me. Enjoy--love pot pies.

Jasdip, you always make such yummy dinners. Bet it's every bit as good as it sounds, too.

Raven, my mother always used coarsely ground beef for chili. Maybe that was her secret! Cornbread sounds delish!

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Patti, it's the only way I can make brown rice. Combined in a casserole dish with chicken/beef broth, some worcestershire, chopped onions, carrots and celery (no celery tonite) and topped with browned pork chops. Baked at 375 for an hour.

The rice is perfectly cooked and nice and nutty. Not mushy as I can only get it to do when I cook it on the stove.

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Patti, that sounds like the perfect summer supper for me but my husband would never sanction it! We had ham steak. mashed potatoes and fresh corn.

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I second Pam, Patti...

Probably going with Italian Sausage in Cream Sauce over pasta..with baby spinach tossed in at the last minute.

I need to check if I have any pasta..lol..

Headed to town after I drop Kam-a-roon at the field for practice..

Got a small list of things I need..

It has to be an easy meal while I am typing and thinking...I need to write a cover letter and a mini resume..on my skills I've aquired over the last 4 years, to bid for a new job with the district..it combines two of my strengths quite perfectly.
Already sent out a few emails for some new references..got a thumbs up from one already. :)

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From Allrecipes.com, I made "Blackened tilapia with secret Hobo Spices". It was pretty good. While I was making it, I was also mixing a batch of peach gelato, to put in fridge in order to freeze it in the ice cream maker tomorrow. I'm always afraid I'll get a couple of recipes mixed up......wouldn't that have been a mess with these two????

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I'm still full from potluck luncheon today.

So much food! Great group!

Love when we have potluck instead of going to a restaurant.

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Ham, beans and cornbread. They sure were good!!

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Yes, Blackened Peach Gelato does not sound good!

We had leftover meatballs, so I put mine on a sub roll and everyone else had pasta.

Shepards Pie is next on the menu!

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