Wow, the cost of athletic shoes!

glenda_alAugust 17, 2012

Took GS for his back to school shoe shopping.

Athletic shoes are not cheap!

I grew up always wearing a new outfit and shoes on my first day of school.

So I've been purchasing with GS his back to school shoes for the past couple years.

We used to call them tennis shoes, BACK THEN!

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Only if you allow it and where you shop. Many young teens do receive good shoes and yet don't have to pay more than they should. They may not be name brand but some are just as good or better. My vent for the day!
But Glenda, I am sure that your grandson appreciates the new shoes. This is not against you just school shopping in general.

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Only if you allow it and where you shop.


He knew we had a limit as to how much we'd spend. So we reached a happy medium.

GS was happy and not too big of a dent in the old wallet.

But still the prices for any shoes are high!

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I agree that prices on athletic shoes are ridiculous! It all started with that "status" thing. Glad my kids are all grown.

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Shoot, they're expensive for us, too. I spent more money for a pair of walking shoes than I ever did for a pair of heels when I was working.

Glad you had a good time with PJR!

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Sometimes brand name does make a difference though. My kids are all in athletics and do a lot of running. It is so important to get a good quality running shoe (and also very important to have it fitted right!) They really don't buy shoes because of the name - they buy what fits and works for their feet/sport. You cannot put as many miles a week that they run in a pair of cheap shoes.

I have to purchase two pairs of running shoes and a pair of volleyball shoes, plus some kicks just for school. DS also needs some new work boots - those are well over $100. That will be at least 6 pairs of shoes! LOL - Eeeaak!! I just bought some new volleyball knee pads - $49 for one pair!

One of mine has extremely large feet - so it is pretty hard to even find shoes in stores. We mostly order online for him.

Its so nice that you do that for your GS Glenda! Did you get some new kicks for yourself!

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I agree-not cheap at all!!

DS(13) has 4E width so they are never cheap.

I notice older boys always keep their sneakers spotless!

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Wait 'til those 13s turn into 15s, as my son's did.

Talk about tough to find... and pricy!

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LuAnn - that is what size I need to (not me - DS, lol) - they are not easy to find in stores!

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Toni S

I agree that not all shoes are created equal. I married a guy that has feet like mine. Now our kids all have High arches and insteps. One needed new softball shoes, the other Cross Country running shoes. Found some knee supports on Amazon while waiting at an appointment this morning. I'm talking about the chalks behind the knees that softball/baseball players use. I know I would want a good pair if I were a catcher. Hope they do a good job for her. That jumping up and down can be tough on the knees. The investment will be worth not having crazy sore legs.

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Surprised future DIL with $100 a month ago to buy her shoes for her wedding. Then a couple of weeks later, I looked online at the wedding and evening shoes. I cannot believe the number of $400 and $500 pairs of shoes out there. I thought I was being sufficiently generous to allow her a wide selection at $100!!!!

Luckily, she found some shoes, and I suspect she stayed within or close to the amount I gave her.

3 weeks to go and counting...

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Several years ago, I ordered a pair of Avia sneakers from Zappos. They fit well and had good support - and they cost less than $40. I'm now on my third pair (I walk a lot) and have pairs 4 and 5 in the closet, ready to go.

Glad you found shoes at a reasonable price.

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