What's for dinner Saturday?

patti43August 18, 2012

Leftover creamed cabbage with sausage. Tonight we'll have some of the cranberry sauce I made the other day with it.

What are you having tonight?

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I am experimenting with Chicken cordon bleu, sort of, no ham. Fresh picked sweet corn and homemade bread, and we still have brownies! Patti, wish my husband would eat as many different things as yours seems to.

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Nikki's West down by The Farmer's Market: veal cutlet with brown gravy and, of course, 7 layer salad, plus a bite or two of a warm cornbread muffin.

Treated myself later to Stick in the Mud ice cream, at Bruesters, which is chocolate covered pretzels in chocolate ice cream with fudge. Pretty darn tasty!

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I had barley and wild rice, along with hamburger gravy, and a side salad.

Glenda: How do you only eat a bite or two of cornbread? I would have to eat the entire muffin.


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Pam, I've had chicken cordon bleu, but never made it. You're killin' me with the fresh picked corn and homemade bread. (And, of course, brownies.) Harry does eat just about anything, especially vegetables. In fact, I don't know one he won't eat right off the top of my head.

Oh, Glenda, I wish there was a way to make a small 7-layer salad. Your dinner sounds good--but man, oh man, that ice cream sounds terrific! My chocolate gene is in high gear since I'm trying so hard NOT to eat sweets for a while.

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We just finished dinner. I made roast beef, steamed green beans and onions, with some balsamic vinegar drizzled over the veggies.

Hubby made his potato dish. White and sweet potatoes cut in chunks, drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper and many cloves of garlic, baked in the oven.

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Shirley, isn't wild rice the best? Jasdip posted a recipe last winter (?) for a chicken wild rice soup that is just mouth-watering good. Harry would like that--he likes barley. Are there different kinds of barley? What I found at Publix wasn't as big as the barley my mom put in soup. Do you make hamburger gravy just like sausage gravy? Or chipped beef gravy? That would be good on Glenda's muffin :-)

Jasdip, that sure sounds like a birthday dinner. Geez, now you have Mr. Tom in the kitchen!! Good goin', girl!!

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gadgets, I try hard to limit my bread intake, particularly two days straight in a row.

So I justify by having a bite or two, tee hee

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All of you may want to watch this video. My husband found it and we've been doing corn this way ever since. No mess at all. I used to hate shucking the corn and removing the silks, now I feel like I'm doing a magic trick.

Here is a link that might be useful: easy peasy corn on the cob

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patti: I use pearled barley. It's not considered a whole grain....hulled barley is. I tried it once and it took forever to cook. Wild rice is so expensive. That's why I do a mix. As for my hamburger gravy, it would be similar to sausage gravy, except I just mostly use water instead of milk. I may have to try to find that chicken wild rice soup recipe.


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Played in a tournament today. The first day of a two day event.......was very tired when I came home. Could it be the three glasses of wine? One is usually too many for me. We're just having pizza that DH is making. I shall make dinner for tomorrow night later when I fully wake up. That way if I over indulge tomorrow, I won't have to worry about dinner. LOL

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Yayagal, that is so cool! You're right, it is like a magic trick and I just have to try it. Thanks!

Shirley, my barley is pearled. Must be I didn't cook it right. I'll try again. One of the stores had a sale on wild rice so I stocked up. I have three boxes left. :-)

That 19th hole is a killer, Georgysmom! Sounds like a fun day and, hey, DH is making dinner. It's all good. Maybe you'll have leftover pizza for tomorrow night. LOL!

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Only finally had time to sit down and recount dinner.

DD came down this afternoon--While her father changed her oil, we headed out and went to some farm markets, a little Italian market, etc.

I'd planned a simple dinner--just fried tomatoes and scalloped potatoes, then a neighbor dropped off some chicken legs while we were out, so we added that, too (and they were delicious!)

Then we sat around talking, and eventually munching on some homemade almond ice cream, and brownies (purchased--from the Amish Market, not homemade--LOL). Then she finally got on her way about 8:30. Love having her here, but hate her driving home through the deer-populated woods after dark.

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My friend Ling called, and we ended up at Old Chicago Pizza! YUMMY... and I have left overs for tomorrow. :)


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Patti, do try the corn like that. It's how I always do it now.
8 minutes is far too long, though. 2 cobs for us is perfect at 6 minutes.

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Bobby and Amber came for dinner. I made Bobby's favorite steak sandwiches. He even put the sauteed onions and peppers on them. They were really good so will make them again for him.

He was here yesterday and helped unload the groceries from the car. Amber said she was in the garage when he put the meat in the freezer and spied the liver I bought. She said he was drooling in anticipation of being invited for liver and onion dinner. LOL

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

We went to Alicia's for Mexican tonight it was very good as usual.

I also picked up a bunch of fresh raw peanuts to boil up so I can take some home to Louisiana with me when we go.

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