What happened to all the ANIMALS on Animal Planet?

dorothy_oahuAugust 12, 2014

I used to like several of their shows but now they have too many other shows. Tree houses, swimming pools, Dirty Jobs, Ice Lake Rebels. And then there are the disgusting things like infested, monsters inside me, and river monsters and hours of gator boys, swamp wars,etc. And why do they have to program HOURS of the shows. One or two is enough and on to something else. I've pretty much stopped watching Animal Planet.

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But did you see the show about Liz and Lance's tree house, built in Tulsa Oklahoma?

Liz is a master gardener friend of mine, in fact, one of the three gals in my birthday luncheon club.


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On Saturday night, they have "So Cute", about kittens and puppies, it's nice. I love the Treehouse guys!

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Moni, I didn't see the tree house episode but that must be fun to have them profile someone you know.

Dorothy, I agree about the programming on that station. I'm not interested in Finding Bigfoot. We used to watch Animal Planet a lot, for, oddly enough, the animals. Rarely is there anything informational or even entertaining IMO to watch any more, I think what I'd like to see are more things offered along the lines of Nat'l Geographic. Real photography, real animals, something to learn.

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Probably the same thing that happened to the GARDEN part of HGTV. Doesn't bring in the teeny boppers that all the networks try to attract for the advertisers.

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FlamingO in AR

Maybe all the sharks from Discovery Channel ate 'em all up? LOL

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I can't stand the Dirty Jobs host. He seems to TRY to think of something off color to say and does it all the time. He isn't funny. Not when that's his usual. I liked Too Cute but it hasn't been on in awhile. When it's kittens one of my cats hears them and comes in and watches. Animal Planet seems more like a DIY channel now. And what's up with alligators and wild pigs and all that?

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I feel the same way about the History Channel. All the UFO, swamp guys, truckers, pawn shops, and junk hunters. Sad to see this happen.

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wait!! you mean you havn't found the ch (? can't remember) with nude dating, or the show with nude people doing survival?

I used to watch the trainer guys on animal planet. but have only seen the cat person recently...

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I want more of Jackson Galaxy shows where he's helping the cats. Not enough of those shows. And the dog behaviorist, is it It's Me or the Dog? I love it when they show the "problems" animals have, are merely a misunderstanding. Then clearing up the misunderstanding. And with Jackson's show, I really really love when they start out saying, if the cat doesn't change, they're gone (meaning euthanized) and the person will have a complete turn around. Showing it's totally unnecessary to kill the cat. Can't always turn them around, but I've only seen one un-success story so far. And even then, Jackson was going to take the cat on himself if that's what it took to keep kitty alive.

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Too few interesting topics being spread around too many channels.

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I feel the same way about the Travel Channel, Bikinis and Boardwalks, The Dead Files, Girls Gone Bayou ...
WTH is the "travel"?

I miss Lonely Planet and some of the other shows from the beginning.

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'm glad I'm not alone here. There are ELEVEN HOURS in a row of Dirty Jobs today.

My Cat from Hell is my favorite and I used to really like It's Me or the Dog. She was such a good dog trainer. I always thought they should bring Victoria Stilwell on Bad Dog o coach them how to train their dogs or rename Bad Dog stupid, lazy owners. If you're going to own a dog you have to train it, at least know how to care for it.

I used to have Animal Planet on all day on Saturday but not anymore.

Time Warner has now added new channels to show shows like Hoarding, I Didn't know I was Pregnant, Sex sent me to the ER, ER in different cities. 500 Pound people.
Please send the Nude people to one of the porn channels.

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Pawn Stars: The new game show isn't worth the electricity to have the TV on. I think the Pawn Star son needs a good fatherly backhand to the mouth. If I had looked at my parents with that smug, hateful, disrepectful sneer and had talked like that to a parent I'd have been spitting teeth.

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