What's for dinner Thursday?

patti43August 9, 2012

I've been doing a little cooking, cleaning and laundry today. I also made Georgysmom's ditalini shrimp salad and a beet salad for dinner tonight. We'll have some crusty Italian bread with it and diced watermelon. I used all the ditalini (that's how good this salad is) but had some tiny shells. Of course, I just had to do a taste test and, as usual, yum!

What are you having for dinner tonight?

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Big time storm just as it was my running around time.
Had to be home between 12 and 4 for phone man and 12:30-1:30 for installers for window and doors.

So storm didn't end and it was a fierce one, until after 12. Then the installers called and cancelled due to weather.

Now the wait for phone man. So I quickly called Mama Goldbergs, order a bologna sandwich, left phone man note on door not to leave PLZ.

He didn't come until 2:30.

Feel like my day was wasted except for getting a new phone service. I bundled with UVerse and saving $10 month on phone bill.

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I spent the day in Amish country. One of my favorite places to go. My sister and I ate lunch at our favorite restaurant there. All authentic Amish cooking. So many places there aren't any more. I had a Beef Manhattan (hot roast beef on homemade whole wheat bread, genuine mashed potatoes, with gravy overall).

And for tonight I had the ham salad that I love so much, on a homemade whole wheat bun, with lettuce and slice of fresh tomato. Drank some milk and that was enough for me.

We overheard a couple of women talking in the store I go to get my grains, homemade noodles, lunch meat, cheeses. They were in the section with all the homemade bakery items. One said to the other "Let's get out of here. I'm glad we can't come here often or I'd be broke and gain a 100 lbs." Gave us both giggles because we felt about the same way.


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I had a big plate of green beans from my garden. Dessert was bread, butter, and the raspberry flavored zucchini jam. Iced tea to drink. Once again too tired to fix much. :)


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

probably make some tacos and use some of the nice avocados we picked up at the grocery store. I also have some fresh corn on the cob so maybe one of those for each of us too.

My face swelling and pain has subsided considerably so I am not as much of a grump today LOL and I think I can actually eat with out pain.

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Rain, glorious rain all day. Just what we need, a slow steady drizzle, soaking rain.

I made my potato salad yesterday and we had it today with a spiced, grilled chicken breast. The temps have cooled right down to 17C (62F). I felt like hot potatoes but the potato salad tasted real good, after all.

Glad you're feeling better, Raven.
Sue, I hope fall comes soon, then you can slow down a bit!

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This is worth telling. I don't cook much, and today my afternoon got rearranged, so I was a little off schedule. Had to go to Krogers and pick up a RX. I have been wanting a pork BBQ for some time, and right there with the hot Deli stuff they had "pork sandwiches." I thought that might be close enough, and it was just like a pulled pork BBQ. YEA!

I will have butter pecan ice cream later.


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Glenda--what a day you had! I've had plenty of those sit around a wait days and they drive me crazy. When we moved here we bundled our cable, phone (unlimited long distance) and computer. I've been pretty happy with it, but it seems pricey to me. Did the window guys give you a date?

Gosh, Shirley, I haven't had a beef Manhattan for years. It used to be a pretty typical menu item and I just loved it. Glad to know they're still around.

Sue, I'm surprised you could even lift your fork, much less make dinner. Have you made your zucchini jam before? It sure sounds good.

Raven, I'm sure glad you're feeling better. You've NOT had a good week. Hope you are able to enjoy your dinner--if not, send it down here :-)

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Just got in--some of our new neighbors gave us a gift certificate to a very nice restaurant down the road. Seemed like a good night to use it.

We had: big bowl of house salad to share, basket of wonderful assorted Italian breads, DH had crab cakes, I had a NY steak, we both opted for the cheddar scallion mashed potatoes (wonderful!) and the vegetable du jour was broccoli rab. Lovely place, excellant food, and we have dinner for tomorrow, because it was way too much to eat in one sitting!

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I've been on a cooking sabbatical. Monday night I had Mexican Train so I grabbed a bowl of regular gazpacho and off I went. Tuesday I had an open house wine and cheese to view some condo's with a friend of mine....she wound up buying one and then I went to play bridge. Last night we had Wine and Dine. We went to an Italian restaurant. Dinner was good and it was plentiful. DH and I both had leftovers so we have our dinner mapped out for us tonight. Gosh, tomorrow night I just might have to come up with something brilliant to get out of cooking again. Then again, I just might have to cook!

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Jasdip, glad you got needed rain. However, if I had your temps, I'd have the heat on and a pot of veggie beef soup on the stove :)

Sue_va, glad you had good luck with your pulled pork. You just never know with deli food. I'll share some of that ice cream, please.

Azzalea, that was a really nice housewarming gift for you. Dinner sounds delicious.

Georgysmom, you made me LOL! If all else fails, make the ditalini salad. Takes hardly any time, you can make it early and get the cooking over with, and it's soooo good!

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

How about the recipe for that ditalini salad please?

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I had a friend visited and brought me some homemade jam/jelly (what's the difference?). We went out to lunch. Since I was already out and about, I went to Wally world to get household items. I was there for a good 2 hours (had a long list of needs). I spent most of time there struggling to use one of those instant photo printing unit.

By the time I was through, I didn't feel like cooking so I purchased a roasted chicken and some dilled potato salad. Love this kind of potato salad. The dill really brings out the overall flavor. So that was what for dinner tonight :o)

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Ham steaks grilled over red oak coals and macaroni salad.....and some tomato/cucumber salad from the garden.
I roasted Anaheim chiles from the garden along with red bell peppers, jalapenos and a poblano as long as we had the coals.

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