What's for dinner Saturday?

patti43August 11, 2012

We are having curried chicken salad, sliced tomatoes and sliced mangoes for dinner. Just not in the mood for a hot meal lately.

How about you? What are you having for dinner tonight?

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Yours sounds delicious, patti!

Zoe's for spinach rollups and braised white beans. Yummily per usual.

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Grilled chicken and summer veggies, maybe some salad. Finish off the birthday cheesecake.

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spaghetti with fried eggplant, homemade bread. For dessert homemade lemon meringue pie

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I picked up some Porterhouse steaks when I was out today. A real treat for DH since I don't do beef very often. I'll make some home fries and salad to go with them.

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We nibbled off/on at the family picnic today. Here's a few of the things we had: Potato salad, pasta salad, macaroni salad, mac/cheese, green beans and potatoes, baked beans, baked spaghetti, cornbread casserole, chicken wings. Desserts weren't homemade so I didn't bother.

Too cold to eat outside. The food tasted just as good indoors.

Shirley, who again ate too much

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We're on our 3rd day of much-needed rain. It's been raining on and off, nice steady rain, and drizzles. It's too late for the feed-stock for the farmers though, according to the radio.

With the rain, came much more comfortable/cooler temperatures, and I've been using the oven yesterday and today.

Had meatloaf with roasted potatoes, and steamed broccoli. I love oven-comfort food. I hope it stays cool for tomorrow's bread making.

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My sweety is at this very moment cooking sausages/onions/peppers and it smells sooooooo good!

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I haven't had to turn on the A/C for a few days. After such a hot July I am enjoying the cooler weather.

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I had to work today and in the afternoon one of my coworkers brought me half of her pannini sandwich from Johnny Carrinos, I ate it instead of my tv dinner....so now I'm eating my turkey and mashed potato Smart One tv dinner. The sandwich was so much better!

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Glenda, I'm going to make those beans if it ever cools off to around 80. I was going through recipes yesterday and came across the one you posted. I've decided no more collecting recipes until I've made a lot of the ones I already have. (We'll see how long I can last--haha!)

Terilyn, birthday cheesecake? Now somebody REALLY knows how to celebrate. Sounds good!

Mary3444, you've been a busy bee in the kitchen. I'd love a piece of your lemon pie. Enjoy!

Georgysmom--shoot! You broke the "chain". I can almost taste your steak. If you're gonna have beef, it may as well be good steak!!

Jasdip, what does "cool" feel like? It's been so long....Yep, meatloaf is definitely comfort food for me, too.

Jeaninwa, I think some of us would love to borrow your husband come meal time. Sausage and peppers sure ia a good meal. Tastes as good as it smells.

Linda, hope your cooler weather stays around and hope a little of it comes further south. Doubt it, though. We have about 6 more weeks of this.

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Kath, are you still on 12-hour shifts? I don't know how you do it without falling asleep. I'd be looking for an empty bed :-) Your turkey dinner sounds good to me.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Omg I can not breathe I am so full. We went to a new Mexican restaurant, it was wonderful, I had giant shrimp stuffed with cheese wrapped with bacon grilled served on a sizzling pot of onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes, along with a lot of other stuff. Whew I have a lot left.
We will go back to Los Rincon.

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Patti, yes, I'm on 12 hour shifts with one 8 hour every two weeks. Now our 8 hour is 3:30 to midnight because someone in NY decided to complain via the union about being mandated on our 8 hour days to stay and work overtime. This was their solution when they decided we could no longer be mandated to stay.

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Raven, that sounds so good that I'd be tempted to go back tonight. LOL!

Kath--sure hope they're giving you a low nurse/patient ratio. When Harry's been in the hospital, I never could figure it out, but even in non-VA hospitals, it doesn't seem they have many nurses.

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Had dinner at Wegman's with a friend. I had grilled scallops which were delicious (4 medium scallops for $13!!)and a side salad that was dreadful. I also had a glass of wine and it all cost $26, with tip. Not worth it. The waitress was not very good either. We had to wave her down to take our order and then to get the check.

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