angelaidAugust 29, 2012

Since late last week, the clock on my computer loses about 10 minutes every night. I didn't realize it for a few days and was accidentally leaving early. Boss never said a word. Met a friend after work Friday and she mentioned I was off early. Looked at my phone and I should have still been at work for a few more minutes. Now I have to re-set my clock every morning. Very odd!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

It sounds like it needs a new battery for cmos if you have an IT dept. let them know about it. If it is not replaced it will be worse.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cmos battery

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If your clock was loosing time - wouldn't you be staying later? Or am I thinking assbackwards? LOL?

How old is your computer? I have a new computer, but it wasn't keeping time right. I changed where it was synchronizing time from and now it is right. I switched to "time-a.nist.gov to get it to sync. I tried several others and they wouldn't sync.

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What kind of computer, which operating system and how old is it? A battery used to be a common cause of that symptom but it's very rare now. I haven't had a clock battery issue for over 10 years or more. Certainly it should be checked, but I'd be more suspicious of other possibilities. Have you checked for malware? Are you current on Windows Updates, etc? There can also be software programs that interfere with the clock on a system too and affect it although most systems automatically sync time. Is yours set to do this?

It'd be a good idea to let it sit for a day unused and see if it loses time. No matter what, you need to have your computer checked out.

And yeah, I'm confused how a slow clock would get you leaving early! :D Maybe your internal body clock was trying to tell you there's something wrong with the computer and make up for it!

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You're right, must be gaining time.

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Loses overnight ...

... gains during the day?

Very accomodating clock, I'd say!

o j

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I'd say that your CMOS battery is dying. When the computer is powered up, it re-charges the "keep alive" battery and supplies systgem voltage. The computer clock will keep time during the on-time, but will not be accurate soon after the computer is shut down.

Other strange things can happen as this battery dies. The keep-alive battery runs the clock and holds all the system settings and preferences. If the battery voltage drops too low, some of these settings may change too.

These rechargeable keep-alive batteries usually last 3 years. after that, they may fail anytime. I had one go out (in an older professional computer) in 2 years and I've had batteries last 5 years in my newer personal computers. The best indicator of a failing battery is the computer clock becomong inaccurate when the computer is off.

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Ole Joyful

Loses overnight ...

... gains during the day?

Sounds like my body instead of my PC

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Hi Emma ...

... just as long as your goose isn't cooked!

o j

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