What's for dinner Friday?

patti43August 23, 2013

Today is a much better day!! Even got 3 loads o laundry washed, dried, folded/hung and put away. Changed the bed linens. Feels good to feel normal :-)

We're having breakfast for dinner: Pancakes, scrambled eggs and ham. Harry will be happy!

Rainy Friday here, hope you're weather is nice or the weekend. What's for dinner at your house tonight?

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Lloyds where they serve half plates: so I had half a hamburger steak with grilled onions, plain baked potato and salad with blue cheese dressing

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Pizza, salad and garlic bread.

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Beautiful day here. Ran around with my sisters all day. Hubby I to see you has on the golf course and when he returns we will be going to a party. Hoping to see some food there, otherwise it's just the chips and dip I am snacking on now. Patti, so happy you had a better day. Glenda, are you recovered yet?

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Thanks, Pam! Have that lingering cough and very sore tummy. Appetite is coming back. Don't need that :o)

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I am glad you had a good day Patti, hope you have many more of those.

I did not can today, but went to some rummage sales with Cheryl and Terri. Later we picked up Alyssa and she and Cheryl came here and we watched her. She just went home. Supper for me was a cheese burger, yellow cherry tomatoes, corn on the cob, apple cake and iced tea.


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Patti, glad to read you are feeling better today.

Rain here again. I had a Dr's appt this morning.

For dinner it was pork chops, mashed potatoes & green beans.

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Glenda, we really need more restaurants like Lloyds. I've noticed even the lunch-sized meals and appetizers are pretty large. Your lunch sounds so good. Did you order ala carte? Glad you're feeling better. Those summer colds just don't want to go away.

Walnutcreek, yum! When we have pizza, that's usually all we have. I've noticed most people have a salad with it.

Pam, wish my sisters lived close enough to have fun with!! You're lucky, Have fun at the party. Sure hope they have food, but most parties do.

Sue, we don't have a lot of garage sales here in the summer because of the heat. Have lots more in winter/spring. Glad you had another day out of the kitchen.

Mary, pork chops sound spot on! I know you'll be happy when Monday is over. Did you give a thought about staying overnight in your surgery town? It sure would be easier on you---and your DH. It will be a very long day for him.

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So glad today was a better day for you Patti.

We were able to get our golf game in under cloudy skies. About an hour later the rain began. Good timing. I did some shopping and am now doing a little laundry. For dinner tonight we're having taco salad.

Glad you're doing a little better, Miss Glenda. Wish I could lose my appetite for about a month!

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One of my favorite meals........ham, green beans and potatoes. Will probably have either a fresh peach or a slice of cantaloupe later on.

Weatherman said no rain for the weekend. We've had a good bit the past couple of days so that sounds good to me.


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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

Cube steak with gravy over rice and a side of green beans. Ice cream and cookies for dessert. Finally had a whole day without rain and I have been renovating a flower bed.

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Made a small Chicken, Broccoli Rice Casserole, heated up some pulled pork from the other night..and a crispy chicken breast from last night..

So far Kian ate some pulled pork...

2 are not home yet..and Kellan is two busy gaming...oh and fussing because I didn't make pizza..."but Mom it's Friday"...
To bad..need to clean out the fridge.. LoL

Had to take Kam to the Dr..he sustained a concussion last night at football practice...out for a week...ONCE the headache is gone..first day that is, will be day 1...then day 7 back to get cleared..First season game tomorrow...
Because of the holiday weekend(no games), he should only miss this one before he's cleared..

Oh and let Kellan take me for a drive...OMG...that kid scares me...lol..it was his first "long distance from home" and some curvy roads and turns to work on braking..he wants to either stare at the road or the speedometer..neither one is successful... Lol...it'll get better...been down this road before...lol...

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Georgysmom, if you lost your appetite for a month, you'd disappear!

Shirley, my niece just posted a picture of her big pot of green beans on Facebook. Boy did that look good! Enjoy!

Sweet Betsy (who always beats me at Trivia), that used to be a go-to dinner at our house. We always had some in the freezer. It's still one of my favorites.

Terri, sure hope Kam is okay. I know you are watching him closely. Oh how I remember those "learning to drive" day. My daughter had no idea what the brake pedal was for--and she took Driver's Ed. She'd swing around corners without ever slowing down. Now she's a really good driver, so maybe my screams didn't go unnoticed :-)

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