ole joyful's cryin' the blues!

joyfulguyAugust 3, 2012

His 24-year-old car ...

... is on its last legs/tires!

o j

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So sorry to hear about your car troubles Ole Joyful. Maybe you can get it fixed?


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Glad to see you....you have been missed. Good luck with fixing or replacing the car....I think it has served you well.

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Oooh no! Say it isn't so. You were so proud of that car (even though you thought it looked bad, it really didn't). Guess you'd better get geared up to part with some $$$$ for a newer vehicle before you get stranded someplace and have to pay a huge towing fee.

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Guess it is time to look around for another new to you car. Hope you find some good safe transportation.

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Broke a spring a while ago - too old to find a replacement, so have run as it was for a while, with the odd bang when going over a bump.

Fan control on radiator not working, they were going to order a new one, but soldered a wire ... but it still overheated ... so it seems that the seals on the water pump weren't holding (probably from overheating due to the fan not working properly).

About $400. total to install a $65.00 water pump: mechanic said not worth it.

I've been hauling several containers of water with me ... can run about 10 miles in the country before it gets hot (and don't seal the rad cap).

I had a loaner while my auto body friend found a car to fit my specs and is doing some repairs on it. Couldn't remove the 3/8 tank of gas from the one in its death throes, so ran some errands with it and am running it for the weekend ... with the keys for the loaner in my pocket, in case of need.

I expect to drive it to the junk yard on Tuesaday (Wednesday?), after the Civic holiday on Monday, if the replacement is ready.

Carrying a can with some gas, in case the yellow caution light on the dash stays on for a while.

Quite an adventure, clearing it out!

The "new" one's a Chev. "Cobalt", vintage '05 ... so they said that I skipped the '90s all together.

I'd bought a '90 Dodge (actually "Mitsubishi") "Colt" about '97, ran it till about '04, then had about a '93? "Taurus" for a couple of years. Pulled over to the side of the road to ask a couple of walkers whether they'd need a ride, and a gravel truck following claimed that I hadn't given him enough space, so the back of it got pretty well mashed ... so I didn't completely avoid the '90s.

Drivers' consultation, about an hour and a half video and discussion with about a dozen participants, with sign-recognition and multiple choice driving questions again next birthday (every 2 years, after 80).

ole joyful

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Awww, sorry OJ. I sure have missed seeing your posts. Hope everything else in your life is well.

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I wish you Good Luck in finding a replacement.

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Sounds like you got your money's worth out of the old car....hope the "new" one is a good one and gives you years of use. Hope, too, that the elastic in your underwear is holding up. ;) ;) ;)

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