Tuesday is way better so far, thank you very much!

OklaMoniAugust 13, 2013

Only thing I forgot today was my phone. Well, it has solitary confinement in my locker during work hours anyway, thus, it doesn't matter.

After work, I went to the Salvation Army Store, and found three pairs of pants I can wear to work.

Nice score.

Now, I'll go shower, and put on something comfortable... and maybe cover my chair with some different fabric... or just veg.


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I vote for 'veggin'~~I am a big vegger and encourage every one to take it up as a sport;)

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Just read your Monday post. So glad today is a better day for you.

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Well, it just HAD to be better than yesterday!! Nice buy at GW.

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Some Mondays are like that. Maybe Mondays should be abolished.

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