Any good Mail Order Perscription Pharmacies?

sooeyAugust 22, 2013

Hi Kids,

Since my husband has aged into Medicare and our medical ins is through his former employer, I lost my really, really good medical coverage. I am now with United Health Care which is not bad, if I can find a Dr. who takes it, but it has no prescription coverage.

I have two expensive meds that I take and would love to try one of the many mail in prescription pharmacies that I have seen advertised. I have heard that some are scams, some will take your money and give you sugar pills, yada, yada, yada.

I got a promotion in the mail last week for
GlobalPharmacyplus. I checked them out, they look real but how can any of us be sure?

My question to all of you wise folks is, have any of you tried one of these pharmacies and if so, what was your experience? One medication I take daily is Advair...$275. a month. I would love to find it for less but not sacrifice quality.

Any experience and/or guidance will be appreciated.


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I don't take medicine, but my wife does. She uses Express Scripts.
She has used them for at least seven years with no problems.
Most of her medicines she gets 90 day supplies.
I might point out that i'm retired military, so persciptions are through Tricare.

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Thanks, nod702, I will check it out. I used Medco for several years and loved them but they were through our prescription plan. I've also used CVS mail order but again, it was part of our benefit package. I love the 90 day feature and I think that has become standard practice.

Thank you for your responding to my question.


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Be sure to check out all the prices. What you pay will vary a huge amount. Consumer Reports regularly say that Costco has the lowest priced Rx's, and they have a mail program, too.

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Many of the companies will help you out if you contact them. I personally would not use anyone unless it is tied in with one of the companies here--ex. CVS etc. Read Consumer's guide or just google mail order pharmacies on the internet. The other thing you can do is ask your Dr. or a pharmacy what other drugs you might try.

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If you have been using a local pharmacist, check with him/her. Sometimes, they can find a program thru the drug companies that will help you out by reducing cost. That is how my unemployed DS is getting his $$$ meds.... Oregon has a program as well, and your pharmacist should be able to guide you somewhat.

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I'm another Advair-dependent person. I use 250/50 discus twice a day.

I'm on Medicare and have a Part D plan through United HealthCare. My best price is through their preferred mail order pharmacy: OptumRx. The retail cost for my Advair is currently $760.09 for the 90-day supply required for mail order. That's about $253/mo. retail.

I don't know if OptumRx -- or this pricing -- is ONLY for Medicare Part D insured people or not, but you could ask. The number I have is: 877-889-5802. Their web is They are in Shawnee Mission, KS.

My Part D insurance is $35.10/month. I'm paying $105 co-pay for each 90-day supply of Advair until I reach the Part D 'donut hole', having accrued $2,970.00 retail cost of all my meds. I'll be paying about 50% of retail for Advair starting in November.

Don't you wonder what the *profit* is on Advair? It's had a monopoly on one of the two ingredients since about 2000. Will there be a generic in our lifetimes?

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Thanks, Everyone for your offerings. I appreciate each and every one of them.

- chisue - Yes, I have been using Advair for 10 years, 250/50 1x day. I was just at the Dr. on Monday and found out that they have changed its makeup, just enough, to make it a 'new' drug and not eligible for generic production. I guess we must wait until the medical patent expires on the new formulation before we can get it in generic. The clock is ticking but the drug companies keep getting new clocks.

I want to check out to see if they are for real. They have my Advair listed for $75.00 a disc. My gut tells me, that can not be real. Or is it???
We were in Thailand, where a lot of our drugs are made, from '96 - '97. While there I was getting my Claritin for 8 cents a pill. In the states I was paying $2.00 a pill. Amazing.

Thanks again, Everyone. For those of you who have drug coverage...Enjoy!


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sooey - frankly, I would be afraid to take the meds from Global at that price. Actually, I won't even buy skin creams at duty free or on-line from a discount site. I am an allergy waiting to happen - but still, the meds just seem to cheap. I would follow the advice given by others and speak with your pharmacist. Re generics - I have - at age 63 - only one prescription - and I can't take the generic form due to the non-medicinal ingredients - I know, I tried it. My husband's office plan is about to change to - mandatory generics - 90% coverage (he pays for a Family Plan) - and a note from the doctor will not allow me to continue with the name brand so I will pay the difference myself. Dispensary fees are being capped as well - kind of pointless to spend $5.00 or more on gas to save $4.00 on a dispensary fee so will pay that as well. My husband has 2 eye drop prescriptions - they are not cheap - but they do not come in generic form - and of course he can use generics. He will turn 65 in December but will continue working until I turn 65. He will have some medical benefits post retirement (younger people will not) - but our provincial health care will generally cover only generics - many seniors pay the difference themselves (our provincial plans do not pay for meds for those under 65 - you have to apply to the Trillium Foundation for financial relief if needed - maybe you have something like that in the U.S.) Then there comes the horror of when a name brand is pulled and only generic brands of said drugs are available. I did look into the various plans offered by Blue Cross etc. in Canada - again generics only - with a cap of $200 a year - that wouldn't get you far. I hope you can find some financial relief that does not involve Global on-line. They might be fine, but sound too good to be true - and you know how that generally plays out.

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Every time I refill my Advair discus 250/50, I am thankful for my secondary insurance through my retirement from CalPers. I pay $40 for a 90 day supply which is 3 discs! CalPers pays my medical (including Medicare and secondary) plus my Delta Dental for life. I get my meds from CVS online.

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Like chisue, I use OptumRX. No problems with them at all. They are fast to ship and have always reminded me when refills are due, etc.

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Costco lists its prices on line

Here is a link that might be useful: Advair at Costco

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I'm another one who uses Optum RX and they have been great. Huge savings over the local pharmacy.

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