sleeperbluesAugust 10, 2012

Just got back from shopping. I mostly was looking for a food processor and knives for DD, but I can't pass a sales rack, lol. Thankfully, I decided to try the stuff on instead of just going for my usual size. I tried on some Vera Wang jeans, and I could barely squeeze into a size 10 in one style, and the size 6 fit me in another style. Then I found a dress in xl that was cute, and it was just a tad too big but I would have worn a t-shirt under it, it was just a casual beach dress. It had some snags in it, so put it back, but from a size 6 to an xl all in one day? Sheesh.

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I know, isn't it crazy? If I'm at the Salvation Army and I don't want to try anything on, I'll buy only brands that I know from experience will fit. I think the clothing manufacturers used to have size standards, but apparently that went out the window some time ago.

And don't get me started on bras! LOL

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Being as I go thru a few swimsuits during the year, for water aerobics, I can purchase Delta Burke suits without trying them on and know they will fit. Maxine as well.

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Just this year, Coldwater Creek started publishing the measurements in inches for it's sizes in slacks/dresses/skirts/blouses, etc.

Since I lost so much weight, i've had to buy new....and I wear a 6 or 8, for example, in shorts and petite slacks.
I also now fit comfortable in my 30 year old vintage Gloria Vanderbilt size 14 jeans(the waist measurement in inches is identical to the new 6's and 8's - go figure.

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I can't even trust brands sizes. If I go to buy jeans, I take 3 or 4 pair of my size in to get a fit. You would be surprised at the differences in the same size.

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Oh my gosh, Monica, that is scary. So deceiving to the public.

I used to be skinnier than now, and wear size 8.

Now I wear from a size 6 to a size 10 depending on the garment.


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I bought dd two pairs of shoes this afternoon. One is Size 1 and the other size 4.

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Wow, your 10 is XL????
I hate, hate, despise clothes shopping. Hubby always feels sorry for me. I can take different sizes of jeans, pants and they are all different. Even the "right" size, or one that fits the best, isn't perfect. Men have it so much easier.

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I was shopping in JJill and I spoke to the sales clerk about never knowing what size I am in the tops. She told me that they had "fantasy" sizing. She was over weight herself and said that she was delighted be a medium in this top! Who is kidding whom?
This is especially annoying when rying to order on line. Who wants to pay for all that return shipping?
Yes, and I agree with checking other pairs of pants if one does not fit. Sometimes the waste can be more than an inch different.

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This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine! I have been the same weight my entire adult life. (except during my 4 pregnancies) I'm 5'8 and used to be a size 4, until they started messing with sizes. I've always had problems finding pants long enough in the legs, so I'm used to having to try everything on for that reason, but now I have to bring several sizes into the fitting room. Last week I bought some capris at Ann Taylor, and ended up needing a size 0!!! Someone of my height at size 0 would be a skeleton, and I'm not! Sheeez....


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Hi Kids,

The clothing industry is messing with us again. It use to be simple...clothes were made in the USA and there was a standard as to measurements = size across the industry. Now that most of our garments come from outside the US, much of that control has gone out the window. The industry has also played games with sizing as a way to stimulate buying. If a women wears an 18 but finds a dress in a 12 that fits, she will almost always buy it...whether she likes the dress or not. Who could pass up?

Lots of reasons cause this issue and they are all real. We need to try everything on and forget about the numbers on the hang-tags. Annoying to be sure.


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UM, Sooey,
The clothing company that hires the manufacturer identifies the measurements for sizing - not the country of origin.
For decades, even US companies have bought fabric from overseas to be used as material by a manufacturer in the US or another country to create a piece of clothing.
Both entities label according to the customer's specifications for sizing.

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In my teens and early twenties, I sewed most of my clothes. I was a size 12 in patterns. Now when I shop I'm anything from a size 4 to 8, and my weight hasn't increased since highschool.

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When I try on clothes, I also bring a variety of sizes and play "Guess which one will fit?" Forget about different cuts/styles and it's really annoying!

And when I bought my wedding dress the sizes are based on century old sizes and my size shot up 2-3 sizes! Nice to do to a frazzled bride!

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I bought two Eddie Bauer Capris a few weeks ago. One was size 2 , the other size 6.

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I found a pair of jeans shorts in my drawer yesterday, tags still on, size 6, they fit perfectly, same brand, same style, worn before, a size 8, too small. I think I will wear my new ones!

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