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Sally BrownleeAugust 27, 2012

The company I work for has been having periodic shutdown weeks in our plant. But it is not a complete shutdown...we keep a small crew working to help catch up areas that need it and the office remains fully staffed with no interruption there.

What I am looking for is a better word than "shutdown" It conveys such a negative feeling. (and not entirely accurate) I thought of "furlough", but that doesn't feel a whole lot better.

This affect our client as we work on a production schedule and the lead times get adjusted a week back. They have plenty of notice, so that is not the issue.

It's just not a total shutdown...

Thanks for any help!

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temporary staffing adjustment?

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Since it means "a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc..." per, I would use the word hiatus.

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I don't think of shut down as negative. You could refer to it as our annual shut down. My husband and son worked for the largest aircraft company in the US and they called it a 2 week shutdown. No one that I know of felt threatened by the term.

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It was always called "retooling" in the auto industry in years past.

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periodic shutdown with a skeleton crew?

Shortened work weeks?

Departmental/plant show-down?

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