Beaware area code 849

marie_ndcalAugust 1, 2012

I had a call from this area code and be careful. Appears to be coming in from the Domingo Republic. They are targeting seniors and trying to get information like SS # , your Dr's name etc. I just say Hello, (once) and hang up. I do not push the button to not get any more calls.

There is an increase on these types of phone calls.


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Just do not answer the phone for any number you don't know...problem solved.

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I answer no calls from "unknown", "private caller", or numbers I don't know/area codes I don't know. I just don't pick up the phone. If anyone wants to reach me they'll leave a voicemail.

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Also be aware that many of these scammers leave a callback number on your answering machine and tell you they have an urgent message for you. When you call back they typically put you on hold or beat around the bush for as long as they can...while you get a charge of $5-$10 a minute on your phone bill.

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That would be the Dominican Republic....

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bernd ny zone5

They are still calling, received one today in January 2013.
We have phone ID on two phones and one TV. We strictly only answer and/or pick up calls from phone numbers we know.

Be also aware that phone numbers and names on the phone ID display can also be fake. Sometimes we get phone calls from different (fake) area codes shortly after each other, must be the same office calling.

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That's why I enjoy my caller ID

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I've been getting calls from them too and 1 at 7:30am this morning! Looked at my caller ID and simply ignored them.

I now set my ringtone to 2 and let the answering machine takes care of the rest. They get annoyed by it and stopped the call. With only 2 ringtones, it hasn't bothered me as much.

Thanks for letting us know who these scams are.

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Country Sunflower

We get them too... but I simply ignore those that I don't recongnize and unknown or private caller.. I told Larry about that to. since he isn't used to a land line.. so he is learning..

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Ditto to Glenda's comment!
I never knew how valuable Caller ID was until I got it!
The hang-up click I used to hear on my answering machine told me that it wasn't an important call, but my caller ID gives me the number so that I can see where these people are calling from. (Too many calls from the same donation company in one day mean that I take my stuff elsewhere, because I don't want money going to telemarketing; they already stuff our mailboxes with donation requests.)

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